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Fake 007 and Milanese serial scammer arrested by the carabinieri

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MILAN. By now he had made his life out of fiction. To the point of being considered by everyone, including army politicians and generals, an officer of the Navy on duty at the Aise, complete with a diplomatic passport and United Nations passport. The string of accusations with which the fake 007 Guido Umberto Farinelli, 46, born in Milan and resident in Verona, was arrested by the Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit last Monday, range from fraud to corruption, from the trafficking of illicit influences to possession and manufacture of false documents, up to unauthorized access to the computer system and the replacement of a person. So much so that it looks like the Italian version of Leonardo Di Caprio in the film Try to catch me.

To “build” his false existence publicly – writes the investigating judge Sofia Fioretta in the order of capture – he even went so far as to modify the web pages of “multimedia encyclopedias with free content (such as wikipedia and others) to attribute participation in operations conducted. by the National Security Agencies ”and the“ information was partly taken up by national newspapers or published in books on the related events ”. So Farinelli suddenly appeared among the agents of the Services who participated in the kidnapping of Abu Omar, in the investigation into the murder of Fabrizio Quattrocchi, but also in the operation for the liberation of Giuliana Sgrena which saw the death of the official Nicola Calipari. With lots of certificates and gold medal for military valor. And while in front of the carabinieri he claimed to be in contact with the fugitive Amedeo Matacena, a former deputy convicted of external complicity in a mafia association, and a refugee in Dubai (where he had also shot videos with him), saying he was able to help them arrest him, Farinelli was able to use three soldiers of the Arma to find information on entrepreneurs on behalf of Matacena. With the result that Matacena and the three carabinieri found themselves under investigation with him for unauthorized access to computer systems. His enormous lies and boastfulness allowed him to get accredited with an agent of the Fiumicino Polaria (now suspended from service and investigated for corruption) who, in exchange for trips and paid holidays in a five-star hotel, did him the favor of avoiding checks to senior generals of the Armed Forces. The 46-year-old said he personally knew Matteo Renzi and Matteo Salvini (one of his many lies), boasting that he had their mobile number and, on some occasions, was falsely contacted by them during meetings with his victims. Among these even Senator Roberto Cotti, so much so that he was able to obtain a certificate of collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and to be received with all honors at an official lunch in a club of the Verona Army.

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A “serial scammer” who also passed off as the “entrusted by the Italian government to purchase lots of gold and precious metals abroad”. Purchases that “were cleared through customs from the Republic of Congo and transported to Dubai, at a price significantly lower than the market price”. And, boasting this function, Farinelli managed to defraud many victims, who paid him to buy gold at advantageous prices or to “fix” some judicial investigation.

The “banana peel” on which his castle of lies and fictions collapsed was bragging about his knowledge of a lieutenant colonel of the Arma with a carabiniere. Who, when asked by his colleague, denied ever having heard of Farinelli. And so he started the investigation with which the carabinieri, headed by commanders Antonio Coppola, Michele Miulli, and Cataldo Pantaleo, have definitively unmasked him.

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