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Fake passports – Domenico Starnone

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Fake passports – Domenico Starnone

Now it is only to be hoped that reality contradicts the prophecies. But even if, following our prayers (“Santi numi, at least not on the centenary of the march on Rome, please”), we witness a miracle in the polling booths, the resentment would remain. Why on earth have the political groupings which for now, for good or ill, cannot be reduced to the road, have refused to forge an obvious electoral alliance? Why their bosses, who know how to bad things, if they want to touch the ball, will have to make alliances with each other, haven’t they made a big one before? Among the silly reasons put forward, the most silly is: we behaved this way because we have our own coherence, an identity to defend. Which? With the due exceptions, these gentlemen, when they open their eyes in the morning, find it hard to remember what they endured in the evening and with whom they came to blows before or after shaking them: they take on an occasional appearance, like those who have a suitcase in the movies full of fake passports, and off you go. So, identity reasons? If they had really had a solid identity, in this very special black juncture they would have demanded the broadest alliance right away. So when they comment on the results, delighting with the little steps forward of their specific huddle – party is a word that has long since wasted away – we turn off the TV, go to the cinema.

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