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Fake residences abroad and ghost houses: the hunt for the great tax evaders starts again from the Municipality of Milan

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Reinforce the contrast to the great evasion and avoidance. The new agreement signed by the Municipality of Milan, the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza starts from this premise. The memorandum of understanding signed by the mayor Giuseppe Sala, by the director Ernesto Maria Ruffini and by the regional commander of Lombardy, General Stefano Screpanti, will have a three-year duration and recognizes Palazzo Marino as a central role in controlling the undue perception of social benefits and concessions or tax at the local level. The Revenue will have the task of evaluating and verifying the reports of the Municipality, guaranteeing the necessary support for the development of a methodology for identifying fake residents abroad. While the Guardia di Finanza, based on the information requested by the Municipality, will focus on inspection activities typical of the economic-financial police that require more detailed investigations.

Contrast to the great tax evaders

Not only contrast to those who benefit from bonuses or subsidized services, such as school canteens. The new agreement, as explained in a joint statement by the three signatories, “also aims at a concrete confirmation for the revenues of Palazzo Marino”. Hence the choice to focus on the great tax evaders, relaunching the coordination between the various forces in the field. After all, only the last four reports of alleged evasion sent by the Municipality of Milan to the financial administration at the end of 2021 are worth over 2 million euros.

Sala: serious action against those who steal resources from the community

For the mayor of Milan we must not let our guard down in the fight against tax evasion: “This period of difficulty and uncertainty reminds us of social solidarity and therefore seriousness towards those who, even through their fictitious residence abroad, act with the sole purpose of subtracting resources from the community “.

The Councilor for the Budget, Emanuel Conte, recalls that the Municipality of Milan “has invested heavily in tools to combat tax evasion: in via Cenisio we have a model hub for the quality and quantity of services offered, also through cadastral data we are able to reconstruct important debt positions. It is not just a matter of guaranteeing legality and recovering revenue: this battle, especially on the large tax evaders, allows us greater fairness in providing services, recognizing the concessions to those who are really entitled to them, and the large amounts received thanks to the reports to the Revenue Agency they can be allocated to services for the community ».

Ruffini: recovery aimed at improving services

The Director of Revenue Ernesto Maria Ruffini underlines that countering evasion and avoidance is “a primary interest also of local administrations, as demonstrated by the particular sensitivity shown by the Municipality of Milan with the signing of this protocol. In fact, they are the recipients of the sums identified by the Revenue Agency and the Guardia Finanza thanks to the qualified reports sent. The sums will thus be made available to the Milanese citizens and can be used to provide even better services ».

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