Home News False doses of the vaccine. The panic to the former Maber: “We want to know if that nurse was also pretending with us.” Ulss: no risk

False doses of the vaccine. The panic to the former Maber: “We want to know if that nurse was also pretending with us.” Ulss: no risk

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Rain of phone calls from citizens: “Are you sure he doesn’t always do it?” Benazzi: “He is not an anti vaccinist, a case limited to his acquaintances”

VILLORBA. “But will I have been vaccinated?” This is the question posed yesterday by the users who in recent weeks have carried out the inoculation at the Vax Point of the former Maber of Villorba. Fears and fears arose after the news that a nurse who worked there came under investigation for not having administered anti-Covid prophylaxis to some of her friends who were vaccinated.

The ULSS, overwhelmed by messages and requests for information, invites us to remain calm. “Anyone who has been vaccinated at the Villorba hub can rest assured” assures the director general of Ulss 2 Francesco Benazzi.

“We tell all the vaccinated not to worry, the nurse is not a No vax, the case is limited to a handful of people. And the lack of inoculation refers to a small circle of acquaintances of the collaborator herself and not to the large mass of people who have been vaccinated at the Villorba hub and continue to be immunized there, ”adds the director general of the Ulss.

The professional was immediately relieved of the post. That of the former Maber is the largest vaccination center in the Marca, capable of administering up to 4,000 doses per day. Inaugurated last May, it is the spearhead of the vaccination campaign in the province of Treviso. The hub was created inside the plant owned by the Progest Spa company, in via Cartiera, granted by the president Bruno Zago.

To guarantee the patient registration, serum inoculation and post-dose surveillance chain, around a hundred operators work per shift, including doctors, nurses, health assistants, administrative staff, Civil Protection volunteers.

The structure has an area of ​​5,700 square meters, an enormous space to accommodate the important influx of users. The 45-year-old nurse operated by choosing the most secluded position, located on the opposite side from the waiting room. A trick that he would haveand I allow vaccinated applicants in agreement with her to more easily identify where to get in line, while the professional could act with greater freedom of movement within the station, facilitated by the fewer comings and goings of colleagues.

«I remind all citizens that the employee’s report came from within our company. The system was accurate in identifying that there was an anomaly. We were burned once, now we are careful about everything »continues the director Benazzi, alluding to the story of the health assistant Emanuela Petrillo, accused of not having vaccinated hundreds of young patients.

In recent months, her superiors had noticed that there was something wrong with the professional’s attitude at the Villorba hub, who reported the case to Stefano De Rui, director of the department of Prevention of the Ulss 2, then the police were alerted. After months of investigation, the police raid last Thursday. “None of us had noticed anything, we are amazed” comment the woman’s colleagues. And the nurse who has ended up in the eye of the storm does not respond to the accusations for now.


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