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false officials are offering houses in Valledupar

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false officials are offering houses in Valledupar

Through a statement, the Valledupar Mayor’s Office reported that, apparently, there are people defrauding low-income vallenatos who want to access social interest housing.

The Valledupar Mayor’s Office informs the general public that the Social Management Office does not carry out registration processes, nor does it receive documents, much less does it receive money to allocate places in social interest housing programs”, he points out.

And he adds: “We inform you that Fonvisocial is the body in charge of advancing the procedures of socialization of public housing policies of the local and national government in which interested parties can participate, provided they meet the requirements to access a decent home.”.

Also, according to the document, there are those who are using the name of the local authority to ask for money.

Keep in mind that the quotas are not sold and are not made through intermediaries. The process is completely free. We invite the community to take into account the following statement and avoid being deceived by unscrupulous people who use the name of entities and/or people to commit this type of crime.”, he concludes.

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