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Family ties

Ehe Colombian conflict, with more than half a century of confrontation, has had several failed attempts to achieve a stable and lasting peace, an objective that seems to succumb to situations that favor the continuation of the war, since it is much easier to make war than to build one. peace. Entire generations have been raised under the influence of war in a country that has become polarized, and that has reached the point of feeling irrational hatred towards those who think differently. Political sectors, the business class, the media, unions, churches, etc. have fallen into this polarization.

In the past, the current ruler faced an opposition that voted against his legislative initiatives with valid arguments or not, that was left to everyone’s taste. But now something very particular is happening, and that is that the president of an important sector of the economy, after being an open opponent of the current government, enthusiastically gets on the bus that is destined for “Total peace”, while his wife , an active member of the opposition party, and a senator of the republic, does nothing more than rant about the Government, a fact that as far as we can remember has no historical precedent.

But the curiosities of this war do not end there, as it happens that María José Pizarro Rodríguez, the daughter of the assassinated M-19 guerrilla Carlos Pizarro Leongómez, at the recent Valledupar Chapter Book Fair, launched the work: The road to my name , where she narrates the adventures that she had to fight so that the justice system declared her the extramarital daughter of Carlos Pizarro, and the battle that she fought with her own family, reluctant to become a civil party within the criminal investigation that was being carried out. ahead for the murder of his father, a process that was about to prescribe and which was finally declared a crime against humanity, this means that it does not prescribe. Well, this woman, currently a senator for the Historical Pact, is the daughter of two insurgents and the granddaughter of high-ranking soldiers.

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And it is that it has been difficult for us to recognize that this war is fratricidal and that we are killing each other among brothers, in a conflict where we all lose and that distances our possibilities of development.

The author of the work in question, expresses that her life was spent in exile, changes of schools, visits to her mother in jail, losses of school years that delayed her to such an extent that she had to validate the baccalaureate. A permanent transhumance that prevented him from enjoying the company of her parents, all without mentioning the siege by the military. Really a very difficult life that he reports on in his book and that leaves us with this sentence to reflect on: “Our society requires a profound social change, which begins with a cultural transformation that allows us to unlearn war and build a nation that recognize their deep diversity and feel that this tricolor flag belongs to them”.

With a prologue by the former President of the Government of Spain: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who reminds us that in the Plaza de Bolívar where María José Pizarro imposed the gang on the President, Gustavo Petro, three decades ago, the corpse of his father Carlos Pizarro was veiled leongomez. darioarregoces@hotmail.com

The entry Family Ties was first published in El Pilón | News from Valledupar, El Vallenato and the Colombian Caribbean.

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