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Fan stabs and injures footballer after match – News

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Fan stabs and injures footballer after match – News

At the end of an amateur football match, during an argument, a fan stabbed a young footballer, who was taken to hospital in serious, although not life-threatening, conditions.

It happened yesterday afternoon in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the Modena area, where the police quickly tracked down and arrested the attacker, a 20-year-old. The latter had also been slightly injured while handling the blade.

During the subsequent personal search, the arrested man was found in possession of 3.5 grams of hashish. Without precedent and released, his position will also be evaluated for possible prevention measures.

There seems to have been previous disagreements between the fan and the player. The player injured near the La Palafitta sports field is part of the Asd Fox Junior Serra team, while the fan was a supporter of the opponents, a former member of FC Castelnuovo Asd. During the match there were heated clashes of play. Eventually the police intervened.

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