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Farewell to Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, the condolences of regional politics: “A great man is leaving”

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Farewell to Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, the condolences of regional politics: “A great man is leaving”

UDINE. Don Pierluigi di Piazza, founder of the “Ernesto Balducci” Center for Reception and Cultural Promotion based in Zugliano di Pozzuolo del Friuli, died today. Witness of a culture of non-violence, peace, solidarity and civil commitment – as the Center recalls -, Fr di Piazza had been ill for some months. Born in Tualis di Comeglians on November 20, 1947, he had been a priest since 1957. In 1989 he founded the Balducci Center.

“The death of Don Pierluigi Di Piazza marks the loss of a protagonist of the regional scene who has spent his entire life for others, a figure who has had an important and always recognizable role on a spiritual and social level”. This was declared by Massimiliano Fedriga, the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Honsell (Open Sinistra Fvg)

«The disappearance of Pierluigi Di Piazza leaves a profound void. He was an extraordinary interpreter of the commitment to defend civil and human rights. He was among the first to understand the tragedy of migrations from the South of the World and to teach everyone the duty of welcoming and not to turn away. He made the Balducci Center in Zugliano a universal model of reception, despite the exceptional economic difficulties. I had the privilege, when I was Rector in 2006, of conferring on him the Honoris Causa degree in Economics of Solidarity with these reasons. We who are left with the task of making his teaching grow ». Thus in a note the regional councilor Furio Honsell of Open Sinistra Fvg, regarding the death of Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, founder of the Balducci Center.

Shaurli (Pd)

«Dismay, pain, emotion are the first feelings in the face of the disappearance of a great man like Don Di Piazza. Then you think back, you are left with the comparisons with him that are always calm as they are frank and direct, without euphemisms, always dictated by the immense Christian charity, by his love for him towards humanity. And you realize that all of us, this territory, has a gigantic responsibility: to grasp and make him live at least in part the example of him. Send Pierluigi, thank you Don Di Piazza ». This is the reflection of the regional secretary Pd Fvg Cristiano Shaurli, on the occasion of the death of Fr Pierluigi di Piazza.

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Pascolat (Pd)

“The death of Pierluigi Di Piazza is a great pain for all of us. He is a point of reference for all those who believe in peace, in dialogue between peoples, between religions, between people and above all for all those who have heart the destinies of the millions of poor people who demand rights and justice on this Earth offended right now by those who imagine solving problems with invasions and with the force of armies “. The secretary of the Provincial Democratic Party of Udine Roberto Pascolat expresses his condolences for the disappearance of Don Pierluigi Di Piazza.

“The Friulian PD shared with him a beautiful journey among our circles – recalls the secretary dem – to talk about Pope Francis’ revolutionary encyclical ‘Laudato sii’. It will be missed by all of us, believers and non-believers, who now more than ever hear the need for generous men, teachers of hope and humanity “.

The Cittadini council group

The Cittadini regional council group participates in the condolences for the death of Fr Pierluigi Di Piazza, remembering him for his exemplary commitment in favor of the weakest. “Don Pierluigi Di Piazza – said Simona Liguori – will remain forever in our hearts as a Person who has always pursued the good of the community. We should strive for each of us, in our daily lives, with our talents, giving us our hand and making us strong in everyday life “. Thus the councilor Simona Liguori recalling the disappearance of the priest of the last and founder of the Balducci Center.

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Serracchiani (Pd)

“Don Pierluigi was a special person, always attentive to the least, a courageous and free innovator. He followed and preached the Christian teaching consistently, and he practiced social and political commitment without sparing, not fearing to be a ‘sign of contradiction’ and when it was necessary to be a “scandal stone.” With his Balducci Center, to whose community a moving thought goes, he carried out a job that often confronted us with the harshness of migratory phenomena but also with the intelligent generosity of many operators. we are written when David Sassoli died, now he is no longer there and we already miss him “. Thus the president of the Pd group in the Chamber Debora Serracchiani remembers Don Pierluigi Di Piazza.

Legacoop Fvg
“The many opportunities for collaboration with him have often been a beacon for the cooperative world. His death is a pain for the whole of Friuli and beyond “.

«Frontier priest close to the least, always committed to welcoming people against all forms of discrimination and constantly at the forefront of peace and justice. His disappearance is a pain for the whole of Friuli and beyond. Legacoop Fvg with all its associates mourns the loss of a man who has done so much for this land, which we are sure will not fail to remember his tireless work forever ».

Thus the president of Legacoop Fvg, Livio Nanino, and the president of Legacoop sociale Fvg, Paolo Felice, as soon as they learned the sad news of the death of Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, who passed away today, May 15, after a long illness. «In the many years at the helm of the Balducci Center in Zugliano – they conclude – there have been countless opportunities for collaboration, discussion and exchange that Legacoop Fvg had with Don Pierluigi. Meetings that very often have been a beacon for our work and for the whole regional cooperative world ».

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Moretuzzo (Pact for Autonomy)
“Today a great man leaves us, who throughout his life, with constancy and rigor, has sought justice, truth, equality, peace, sharing”. The regional councilors of the Pact for Autonomy Massimo Moretuzzo and Giampaolo Bidoli express their condolences for the death of Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, founder of the “Ernesto Balducci” reception center in Zugliano, whom they remember with gratitude for their example and constant commitment in favor of those on the margins, for the ability to see and the fundamental work of cultural promotion. “Let us make ours his teachings and Don Pierluigi’s hope that each one will learn to take care, as much as possible, of the fate of others”.

“We lose one of the last prophetic voices of our time,” adds the group leader Moretuzzo, tied by a deep friendship to Don Di Piazza.

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