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FashionGroup with Koodit: a virtual dimension to keep growing

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A new website and an even more dynamic and open to the future brand: FashionGroup, Ettore Veronese’s stylistic study of total look collections has a new virtual dimension. The operation took place thanks to the collaboration with Koodit, a web business company based in the SellaLab spaces.

Founded in 2009 and overlooking the Cervo in the creative complex of Spazio Pria, FashionGroup is responsible for designing and developing collections for men, women and children. Observing, analyzing and researching are the strengths of the activity on the outskirts of the city and, at the same time, the cornerstones that have allowed the brilliant development of the entire project.

«The pandemic has devastated the fashion sector – explains the designer from Biella -. On the other hand, it was a great stimulus to make the most of the time available, to look for new ways and look out over the world. And this initiative is linked to the desire to continue growing together with our customers, to the possibility of innovating within a sector that had become a bit tired and static. Capsule collections to interpret the new dimension that has transformed everyday life, fashion shows, everything that can be done to restart, represent the priority of this moment of transition “.

Four collaborators and a new entry expected with the start of 2022; 4 companies of international importance and a dozen collections per year; heart, passion, sacrifices and awareness of what is important in the world of fashion tell what Fashion Group is. Veronese is a consultant for the Italian, Chinese and Egyptian and, since January, also the American market.

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«The new platform is much more than a portfolio – concludes the CEO -. It is a precious communication tool through which the studio will be able to transmit its new image online and its greater openness to new important markets: let’s think of the Eastern ones, Japan and the Arab Emirates ».

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