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Fassina: “This is what the left-wing profession is”

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Fassina: “This is what the left-wing profession is”

Stefano Fassina will not be in the next Parliament. There will not be – he says – because in a certain sense the “left” must make the “left”. It must restore moral, “economic and social value to work”. And this is what the parliamentarian explains in the book that will be in the bookstore next week entitled, “The profession of the left in the return of politics” published by Castelvecchi. «Russia’s war on Ukraine has sanctioned the” return of history “and, therefore, of politics. The “end of history” – writes Stefano Fassina – celebrated in 1989, was the story told by the winners: the Great Recession of 2008, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and, most recently, the pandemic have demonstrated the unsustainability of the liberal regulation of the markets “.

With eight memos the author reminds the Left of the social interests to represent e

the essential commitments to be fulfilled in order to do his job, within the framework of an adult Atlanticism and a conscious Europeanism. He also proposes an essential list of authors to study in order to give themselves solid intellectual foundations and address the crucial question before us: the regaining of the primacy of Politics on the Economy. It is the necessary condition to “make” peace and to introduce identity, social and environmental bonds to the movement of capital, goods, services and people. Therefore, for the centrality of the person, the dignity and political subjectivity of work, the salvation of the planet, in short, for an integral neo-humanism. «Politics – explains Stefano Fassina – also means being among the people, among our“ people ”. In this sense, it is also possible to work outside the Parliament. And this will be my commitment in the electoral campaign by presenting the book throughout the country ». In the book a comment by Mario Tronti.

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