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Fatal accident in Zele is the third collision on a closed level crossing in five days: “Stop at red light and closed barrier” (Zele)

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In East Flanders, an accident has occurred for the third time in five days at a closed railway crossing. In Zele, an elderly man was hit by a train just after noon. Infrabel says that the lights and barriers at the level crossing have functioned normally and once again calls on everyone to always respect the traffic rules at a railway crossing. “Stop at a red light and a closed barrier,” emphasizes spokesperson Frédéric Petit.

Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 6:39 PM

The accident happened around 12.40 pm at the railway crossing in Huivelde (Zele). An older man with his bicycle wanted to quickly cross the level crossing. “At that moment, the barriers were completely down and the lights were red,” explains the spokesperson for infrastructure manager Infrabel.

An oncoming passenger train could no longer avoid a collision. “The train driver saw the man crossing the railway crossing and performed an emergency stop,” says Petit. The train did not stop in time and the victim did not survive the collision, the East Flanders public prosecutor’s office confirms.

Train traffic between Dendermonde and Lokeren was stopped in both directions after the accident and replacement buses were introduced. There were about forty passengers on the train that was heading to Lokeren, they were evacuated and transferred to a bus. Train traffic was able to resume around 3:35 p.m., but Infrabel warns that consequential delays are still possible.

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The infrastructure manager repeats his plea to be extra careful near the track and certainly to respect the traffic rules at a level crossing. Last week, two accidents occurred at level crossings in East Flanders, which also resulted in one death.

In Lokeren, two women were waiting at the railway crossing in Eekstraat around a quarter to two. Even though the barriers were down and the light was red, they decided to cross anyway, just as a freight train arrived. The train driver performed another braking maneuver, but was unable to avoid a collision with one of them. The woman died on the spot. The other woman made it to the other side unscathed, she was in shock and was taken care of by the emergency services.

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A few hours later there was a collision between a train and a car at the Nieuwkerken-Waas level crossing. The driver of that car also ignored a red light and was hit by a train. She was thrown fifty meters away and had to be rescued by the fire brigade. The victim was still conscious and was taken to hospital for treatment. 600 passengers were then taken off the train and taken away by buses. It was so hot inside the train that people became unwell.

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