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Father and son missing after landslide in San Agustin

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Father and son missing after landslide in San Agustin

A tragic situation is going through a humble family that lives in the village of La Magdalena, located in the municipality of San Agustín, in the south of the department of Huila.

According to known information, since the afternoon of Wednesday June 7, two men have been missing due to a landslide caused by heavy rains. It is believed that the bodies of the father and son were washed into the Magdalena River.

The victims have been identified as Juan Carlos Samboní, 50, and his son Hamilton Samboní, 20. At this time, the relief teams of the archaeological capital and several residents of the area are carrying out search work to find the whereabouts of the two people.

Two search fronts have been established: one in the river and one at the site of the slide, since there is a possibility that they are still buried under the rubble.

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Both the relief agencies and the local community continue to deploy efforts in the search for Mr. Juan Carlos Samboní and his son Jonatan, who disappeared in the village of La Magdalena, belonging to the municipality of San Agustín.

The Civil Defense of the archaeological capital is present with 30 people from the villages of Villafatima, Quinchana and La Magdalena have joined the search efforts, under the coordination of local relief agencies. Since the moment of the disappearance, constant efforts have been made to find the whereabouts of the two people.

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The competent authorities have expressed their solidarity with the affected family and have stated that they are doing everything possible to find the missing persons. The community remains on edge, waiting for the search efforts to yield results.

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