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FBI informant was fed lie about Bidens’ bribery from Russians and “triggered lawsuits” against Hunter Biden

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Alexander Smirnov was arrested last week and charged with making a “false statement” and creating “a false and fictitious document” in connection with an FBI investigation.

According to prosecutors in the case against the former FBI informant, Smirnov has “extensive and extremely recent” contacts with foreign actors. Smirnov reportedly told the FBI that he had extensive contact with four top Russian officials, two of whom are “the heads of the entities they represent.” This is stated in court documents that prosecutors filed on Tuesday. These could be Russian spies, high-ranking intelligence agents or leaders of Russian assassins.

Alexander Smirnov (left) leaves the courtroom. — © AP

In an interrogation last week, Smirnov reportedly admitted that officials linked to Russian intelligence services were involved in providing him with a story about Hunter Biden. The impact of the lies “are felt to this day,” prosecutors said.

Impeachment and cases against Hunter

The former FBI informant had falsely claimed to the FBI that executives from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings told him they had hired Hunter Biden to “protect us, through his father, from all kinds of problems.” Burisma executives allegedly paid Joe and Hunter Biden $5 million each when Joe Biden was vice president so that his son would handle a criminal investigation into the company “through his father.”

It is partly on the basis of these statements that the Republicans started an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden for alleged corruption and abuse of power.

The impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden was based, among other things, on the bribery allegation. — © Pool/ABACA

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Hunter Biden’s legal team also argued on Tuesday that Smirnov’s lies caused the withdrawal of a settlement with their client and led to the lawsuits against him for tax evasion and illegal gun possession. Smirnov’s “ridiculous” statements appear to have “infected” matters, according to Biden’s lawyers. Special Prosecutor David Weiss had followed Smirnov down his “rabbit hole of lies” for too long. Weiss is also the prosecutor in the case against Smirnov.

The settlement originally reached with Hunter Biden to avoid a lawsuit is said to have fallen apart under investigation of Smirnov’s bribery claims, which have since been proven false.

“More lies that could influence election”

According to prosecutors in the Smirnov case, the ex-informant also “actively spread new lies that could impact US elections” after meeting Russian spies and intelligence agents several times late last year. For example, in September 2023 he allegedly claimed to the FBI that Hunter Biden made phone calls in a hotel in Kiev that is controlled and bugged by the Russians, who are trying to collect blackmail material against prominent Americans. Federal agents knew the story was false because Hunter Biden “never traveled to Ukraine,” it said.

“And so Smirnov’s efforts to spread disinformation about a candidate from one of the two major parties in the United States continue,” Special Counsel Weiss’ team said.

Prosecutors argued that his foreign contacts posed a serious risk that Smirnov might try to flee abroad “to avoid responsibility for his actions.” That is why Smirnov should remain in jail, it was said. The judge did not follow that argument and granted parole on Tuesday pending the trial.

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