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F@cile CAF, the results of the experiment presented

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“Il CAF model has existed since 2000 with the aim of align the language of administrations”. This is how Claudia expressed herself Improve, director of the Performance and Administrative Simplification area of ​​Formez, during the final meeting of the F@cile CAF Path. The event, held this morning at the Sala Di Ieso of the Puglia Region headquarters in Bari, had a triple objective: to present the results of the testing of the CAF model; illustrate the connections between the diagnostic check with the Model and the PIAO; start a comparison between administrations experimenters (Department of Education, Work Training, Puglia Region, City of Bari, City of Bisceglie, City of Manduria, City of Trani) regarding the application of the model in the process of preparing the PIAO.

“For twenty-four years – continued Claudia Migliore -, together with the Department of Public ServiceFormez accompanies the administrations in improvement processes. In this case, with the CAF model, adopted in 19 PAs between Regions and autonomous Provinces throughout Italy, the aim is to align and share languagestrengthening the skills necessary to accommodate the challenges posed by the Public Administration system. Even after more than two decades, therefore, the testimonies of the administrations confirm this the importance of the CAF model. A model that is always current and also consistent with the modernization policies of Minister Zangrillo: the role of leadershiporientation to resultsthe integrated approach in programming and evaluation and the holistic vision”.

Roberto opened the proceedings FridayGeneral Secretary of the Presidency of the Puglia Region, who hoped to “continue this effective synergy with Formez and Dfp”.

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“The model can also help manage forms of remote working,” explained Sabrina Bellotti, CAF national contact person – Department of Public Function. “Those who used it during the pandemic recorded greater resilience compared to the situation experienced. The practices of the CAF model are developing so much that the European Union has grasped its strength and potential”. Both Bellotti and Italo Benedini, an expert in the CAF model, underlined a very important element in the context of self-evaluation by administrations: “You have to be strict in evaluating yourself, because sometimes you have some difficulty in understanding which are the positive points and which are the weak points” . “The CAF model may be perceived as heavy – continued Benedini -, but it gives the right directions to understand organizations and administrations”.

“The opportunity to participate in the CAF project – stated Angela Guerra, manager of the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Service of the Puglia Region – arose from participation in the Innovation Lab project, in 2022, which had the public value objective of reducing NEETs ( (young people not engaged either in work or in education and training courses. The Puglia Region wanted to include this public value in its PIAO 2023-2025. In this experiment, we were able to participate in training meetings which allowed us to try a new model of planning of regional strategies, then explored in depth with the F@cile CAF project”.

“The CAF can be considered a predecessor of the PIAOespecially in its holistic vision of the organization”, stated Professor Denita My cheek, Formez expert and member of the National Observatory on Public Work University of Tor Vergata. “It can become a tool to support the public value planning process and contribute especially to the organizational and professional health section of the PIAO”.

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“You can work on improvement – closed Claudia Migliore -, because it gives the possibility of participating in the European CAF procedure, which allows administrations that have used the model to obtain certification of effective CAF user. After the pandemic we organized visits from public evaluators which suggest improvements in the self-assessment process. We would like to use this experience to bring it to other regions, and in this regard it would be desirable to strengthen the regional body as a center of competence to encourage development in the territory”.

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