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Fear at Ciampino, a landfill on fire and smoke in the air – News

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Fear at Ciampino, a landfill on fire and smoke in the air – News

Fear this morning in Ciampino, a municipality on the outskirts of Rome where one of the capital’s two airports insists, due to the fire in a waste storage facility from which intense black smoke has risen, also visible from the Castelli Romani. Fortunately there were no victims or injuries but only concern on the part of the citizens, invited by the mayor Emanuela Colella to keep the windows closed. No repercussions even at the airport where landings and take-offs remained regular. 60 firefighters intervened on the spot and are operating over an area of ​​20,000 square meters in an attempt to put out the flames.
An operation that will take days given the vastness of the area affected by the fire.

The fire broke out in the morning in the waste storage and transfer facility in via Appia Nuova, when a tall column of smoke began to spread over Ciampino and in the southern Rome area. dangerous – the first citizen of the municipality pointed out -. The fire involved waste material and not toxic waste “. Fear for the health of citizens was instead expressed by the CGIL of Rome south Pomezia Castelli. “The question is more than legitimate, looking at the sky becoming blacker and blacker: are they still ‘non-dangerous’ for the environment and for health when they catch fire?” asked the union. The first citizen, for her part, has announced checks on the system and in the next few days a check on the healthiness of the air will also be carried out.

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Moreover, according to what was denounced by the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, it would not be the first time that the Ciampino plant has been affected by the flames. “Already a year ago we suffered the consequences of another fire in the same Ciampino waste plant. We wonder if the Eco Logica 2000 plant, although authorized by the Metropolitan City for the storage of non-hazardous waste, is managed safely and is above all compatible with an area close to the city with a very high population density”, explains the deputy Filiberto Zaratti who also announced a question to the Minister of the Environment, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.

Full support for the municipality of Ciampino came from both the Lazio Region and the municipality of Rome. The regional councilor for waste, Fabrizio Ghera, also made an inspection of the area, meeting the mayor Colella and confirming that “the Region is available to guarantee maximum support to guarantee the health of the population and make the area safe”. In support of the extinguishing activities there is also the Regional Civil Protection with the intervention of four means of voluntary organizations.

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