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Fear at Villa Zadra, the owner now launches an appeal to the mayor of Belluno

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Fear at Villa Zadra, the owner now launches an appeal to the mayor of Belluno

The landlord turns to the Municipality and the health authorities “A tenant is dangerous and is living in a kind of landfill”

BELLUNO. At Villa Zadra they are now afraid. After last week the police had to intervene because of the loud music that came out of one of the apartments in the middle of the night and the two officers arrived in via del Piave were threatened with a kitchen knife (one also bitten in the arm) by the tenant Gabriele Toffoli, the hosts Agostino and Elena Zadra are so exasperated as to call for an intervention by the Municipality of Belluno and the Hygiene Office.

Toffoli was released from prison after two days and is only required to sign. There is an executive eviction for arrears, which the lawyer Stefano Zallot has dealt with, but there are the usual technical times: “We are exasperated and also worried”, Agostino Zadra emphasizes, “after the start of the rental contract, this boy began to carry out a series of harassing and vexatious conduct, raising the music on the stereo to unacceptable levels at any time of the night and transforming the apartment and the terrace into an open-air dump, with garbage bags, remains of food rotting, excrement, animal droppings and even a decaying dead cat ».

Carabinieri and police have always intervened, but it is not enough. The apartment should be sealed and even more dangerous situations prevented: “The eviction is enforceable and the Court of Belluno says so, but it is likely that the tenant will lock himself in, without answering the bell and receiving correspondence, especially that coming from the judicial offices “.

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The request is to do something and do it soon: “The situation has become unsustainable from a sanitary point of view and we fear that the subject may carry out rash gestures, both self-harming and to the detriment of other condominiums, especially the 83-year-old lady years of the second floor. The mayor and the health authorities need to do something, because we can’t go on like this. “

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