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February 13th in Dresden: Art campaign commemorates the destruction of the city

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February 13th in Dresden: Art campaign commemorates the destruction of the city

Since Thursday you can go on a course of artistic works in Dresden city center. Banners by various artists will be exhibited at nine central locations. On the one hand, these should… Commemoration of the destruction of Dresden in the Second World War and on the other hand also serve as a reminder to stand up for democratic and humanitarian values.

Art trail for February 13th: “Tomorrow and the day after”

Coming up with the right idea for the commission wasn’t easy for Dresden-based artist Nazanin Zandi. She then found what she was looking for while looking at photos of her daughter, she says. The result is now on a three by four meter banner on Prager Strasse, attached to a column-like metal structure.

The collage shows a girl standing with her back to the viewer, looking out to sea. Arranged around them are illustrations, visual representations of challenges and dangers that could face them in the future: climate change, war, hunger, poverty. Zandi called her daughter’s view of her own future “Morning and the day after” – that’s also the motto of this year’s banner art campaign by #WoD Weltoffenes Dresden.

Dresden’s destruction: Reminder in view of today’s wars

Due to the political and social developments of the past few years, the artist is concerned about the future: “We have more and more wars breaking out, less and less empathy.” As far as the future is concerned, she still hopes for positive changes, especially with regard to her two daughters.

We have more and more wars breaking out, less and less empathy.

Nazanin Zandi, Künstlerin

Nazanin Zandi comes from Iran. As a child she came to Italy with her mother and grew up there. She later went to Paris and has now lived in Dresden for 30 years. Fear of losing your home, the experience of finding your way in a foreign environment, learning a new language – she knows all of this well.

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She sees the banner campaign as a new form of remembrance. The destruction of the city is remembered, also as a warning. According to Zandi, Dresden’s experiences during the war, but also those of the transition, can be a model for a “peaceful revolution” anywhere in the world.

#WoD-Initiative: “Taking up today’s fears and worries”

Zandi’s collage is not the only work that focuses on future generations. The photographic portrait “Elise” by the Dresden artist Manuel Frolik, who was invited by the Landesbühnen Sachsen to design their banner, shows a girl in the middle of a construction site. It symbolizes a generation that is faced with the task of removing the traces of past decisions.

It’s also about the fears and worries that many people are grappling with these days, says Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, director of the Kunsthaus Dresden and spokeswoman for the #WoD initiative. Against this background, it is all the more important to think about decisions and attitudes that determine how our children can be left with a future that is worth living. That’s what this year’s motto is about.

Gerhard Richter and the global perspective

She sees this responsibility for the future impressively depicted, for example, in Gerhard Richter’s work “February 14, 1945”, which can be seen on a banner at Neustädter Bahnhof. The photograph shows bombed Cologne, but at the same time is a reference to Dresden. Given the current world situation, the connections to the current theaters of war are all too obvious.

According to Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, the commemoration in Dresden must also be accompanied by empathy and solidarity for people around the world.

We can only think about February 13th in Dresden if we put empathy and solidarity first.

Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, director of the Kunsthaus Dresden and spokesperson for the #WoD initiative

In this respect, the art trail across Dresden city center invites you to take an individual commemorative walk – from banner to banner, inspiring, multifaceted and sometimes even stirring.

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More information about the art campaign “Morning and the day after” “Morning and the day after”
Initiative #WoD Cosmopolitan Dresden
A joint banner art campaign by 18 Dresden cultural institutions and initiatives

February 9th to 18th, 2024

Locations of the action are:
*Prague Street
*Forecourt of the Palace of Culture
*Castle Square
*Neustadt market
*Dresden-Neustadt train station

Sources: MDR KULTUR (Grit Krause)
Editorial processing: as, ks

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