Home News Fedez accuses Rai of censorship: “They asked me for the text of my speech”. From viale Mazzini: “Falso”

Fedez accuses Rai of censorship: “They asked me for the text of my speech”. From viale Mazzini: “Falso”

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The controversy breaks out between Fedez and Rai. Reason? A joke from the singer on the censorship issue. But what happened? First the story on Instagram, then the official statement by Fedez complaining that he “had to send the text of my speech” to Rai. The clarification came immediately: «Of course, as a free person, I take full responsibility for what I say and do. The content of this intervention was described as inappropriate by the deputy director of Raitre ». Fedez speaks from the stage of the concert on May 1st after reiterating what he had already told in the afternoon on Instagram regarding an alleged political censorship of his speech. “It was the first time that it happened to me that I had to send the text of my speech,” Fedez reiterated, explaining that after having had to fight “a little bit” to express himself freely, he then obtained “permission”.

The replica

The Rai reply immediately arrived. “Rai3 and Rai have always been open to debate and exchange of opinions, respecting any political and cultural position. It is highly incorrect and groundless to argue that Rai asked in advance for the texts of the artists who took part in the traditional May Day concert, for the simple reason that it is false, it is something that never happened ». And again: “Neither Rai nor the management of Rai3 have ever operated forms of preventive censorship against any artist of the concert – continues the press release -: Rai broadcasts an editorial product created by a production company in collaboration with CGIL , Cisl and Uil, which took care of the realization and organization of the concert, as well as the relations with the artists. This includes the collection of texts, as per practice ». “Labor Day, as the secretaries of Cgil, Cisl and Uil recalled in their speeches, is precisely a party, that is to say the celebration of the achievements of workers and their rights, sanctioned by the Constitution and the Statute, of which the unions become custodians and champions. And it is precisely to those achievements and those rights, today threatened by a world pandemic that erodes the occupation, that this May Day is dedicated to ”, concludes the company.

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