Home News Feltre at the polls to choose the mayor: duel at the last vote between Fusaro and Zatta

Feltre at the polls to choose the mayor: duel at the last vote between Fusaro and Zatta

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Feltre at the polls to choose the mayor: duel at the last vote between Fusaro and Zatta

The variable of abstention, already very high in the first round, could weigh further on the outcome of the elections

FELTRE. It is the day of choice. Fusaro or Zatta? Administrative continuity or break with the past? It is up to the Feltre people to decide who will be the next mayor of Feltre for the next five years by going today to the polling stations where they expressed a first verdict two weeks ago, giving the moderate front candidate a small advantage over the center-left opponent and giving a strong signal, that of high abstention which must be an indispensable element of analysis and reflection whoever wins this evening.

A close confrontation in an electoral campaign that will certainly not remain in the annals for the quality of the debate, rarely taken off, where the social networks, over the weeks and especially in the last fifteen days, have given rise to various comments on the two candidates who have only highlighted the low intelligence of those who wrote them. And this applies to both sides.

The game remains open. It was in the first round, it remains so today, when the voter will find on the ballot only the names of the two candidates to be crossed. He will have to choose one. The hope of both candidates is that the turnout will not suffer a further decline, put at risk by the decidedly summer weather. Indeed, both have worked to ensure that the affection of the Feltre people in the vote has a backlash today. It would be a pleasant exception.

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Those who voted two weeks ago already know that they must present themselves at the polling station with an identity card and electoral certificate. Those who have used up their card by filling in the last available house with the stamp can still go to the town hall today where they will find the electoral office open to deliver a brand new electoral card. To access the seat you need the mask. Each polling station has a small reserve of masks to distribute to those who have forgotten them at home, but even last time those who went to the vote knew how to behave. The polling stations are open from 7am to 11pm. One day. Then, once the urns are sealed, the count will be immediately passed. During the night the Feltre people will already know who won the victory.

The two candidates used these two weeks of approaching the ballot by using different strategies: Viviana Fusaro kept the bar straight, continuing to interface directly with the citizens, she refused alliances with the candidates Forlin and Serrangeli, who also sought contacts with the former head teacher now retired, and closed the election campaign on Friday in a packed workshop supported by the president of the region, Luca Zaia.

Adis Zatta, aware of having to recover from the disadvantage, was more active: projects and ideas in the various administrative sectors passed in sequence on social networks, he too closed any hypothesis of aliases with the defeated vandidates and on Friday evening he put to good use the last hours of the election campaign for two evening stages in as many hamlets: Sanzan and Anzù, not before having gathered their team for a thank you drink. Do not restto wait for the outcome of the vote. –

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