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Feltre, he spends his mother’s money and will compensate her with liquidation

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The court of Belluno


Cheating on mom’s money. The daughter, the support administrator, allegedly misused about 40,000 euros of her personal assets and got into trouble in her role as a public official. The defendant appeared yesterday morning before the judge for the preliminary hearings Enrica Marson, together with the trusted lawyer Ferdinando Coppa, snatching a postponement of the hearing until 10 March next year. By that date, you will certainly have received the severance pay from the company you will work for until you have accrued your pension and will be able to pay them back.

Moreover, she held that role for about twenty years, since the elderly woman was unable to manage her assets and would not have failed to indicate the sums spent without the necessary authorization, in the annual report that all the support administrators are obliged to present them to the tutelary judge, who is also the magistrate who appoints them in case of need.

Once the sum has been returned, he should be able to negotiate the sentence, making arrangements with the public prosecutor in charge of the file.

The certainty of this procedural choice does not yet exist, but it promises to be the best solution. –

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