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Feltre, shopkeepers divided on the cars in the center: “Better to foresee more demonstrations”

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Feltre, shopkeepers divided on the cars in the center: “Better to foresee more demonstrations”

Merchants and bartenders in no particular order towards the reopening of the center to cars with a one-way street that goes from via XXXI Ottobre to largo Castaldi. If the share of those in favor of the reopening remains substantial, the group of operators who would have preferred the maintenance of the pedestrian zone is growing. There are also those who, within the same business, think differently. A split that confirms how the theme of the closed center – open center continues to provoke debate. If the first to come out in the open at the announcement of the reopening were the favorable ones, now it is mainly those who think that a car-free center was now a fact acquired by the population.

Paolo Grando of the Enoteca Contemporanea emphasizes two aspects above all, that of the livability of the center and that of pedestrian safety: “There has been a habit of walking on the road by families without worrying about the passage of cars, with children who they move freely. Reopening to traffic means creating a potentially dangerous situation, you get off the sidewalk without thinking that a car could pass, ”he observes.

“A lot has been done in recent years also to experience the city center without breathing the exhaust gases and erasing everything overnight means taking a step back also at an environmental level, anachronistic compared to everything the world is doing. to solve the problem of pollution. We are talking about harmfulness to health not only for passers-by but above all for those who live in these streets ».

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For Laura Lusa of the Virus store, “they could have thought about how to get people into town, not how to let cars pass, because that’s not the solution. You don’t promote tourism with cars, ”she comments. Others think like her like Luigi Pilati of Caffè Roma and Antonella Zuglian of Lucky Corner, also in via XXXI Ottobre: ​​«The Fiera di San Matteo was enough to pour thousands of people into the center and create an induced activity that everyone benefited from. This is the side to work on. Create those events that bring people to the center », say the two bartenders. «You don’t need big things, a flower fair, an art review, to bring an event like street food. We do not believe that cars will benefit the trade ».

«Years ago I had also signed the petition to keep the center open», adds Antonella Zuglian, «but there was nothing to be done. Now, six years later, I say that people had gotten used to the pedestrian precinct ».

To testify how difficult it is to get everyone to agree – and even the municipal administration knows it well – just ask the brothers Walter and Luigi Sommariva, who run the historic family ice cream bar: “My brother Walter is in favor because he believes that over time we will recover the takeaway ice cream sales which have disappeared with the pedestrian area », says Luigi. “For my part, I think we have compensated by now with the activity outside. In my opinion these cars in transit, among other things blocked at Porta Imperiale four days a week for the market or for the weekend, will end up creating a big blockage. We’ll see”.

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Among those opposed to the reopening there are certainly Sal sasso clothing and the shop of Zampiero toys, while on the basis of the opinions collected among colleagues by Paolo Grande, the manager of the Cooofe bar is also among the skeptics.

Obviously there is no shortage of people in favor who have always demonstrated for the opening of the center and have not changed their minds: from Barbara Raveane of the Empire bar to the tobacconist managers, from the pharmacist Minciotti to the owner of the Elda Perfumery, from the optician Fertonani to the Torrefazione di Largo Castaldi. And they are not all.r.c. – sco

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