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Femicide in Rimini, 33 years old killed by her partner with a rolling pin

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Femicide in Rimini, 33 years old killed by her partner with a rolling pin

RIMINI Femicide in Rimini in the early hours of the morning. A woman was killed shortly after 9 in Bellariva, a neighborhood in the marine area. To kill Cristina Peroni, 33 year old of Roman origins – for some time residing in Rimini – was her 47-year-old partner, Simone Bendetto Vultaggio, who stabbed her and then hit her with a rolling pin. The facts took place in an apartment in via Rastelli. The man was arrested and in the interrogation he made use of the right not to answer.

The woman was found dead in the bedroom wrapped in a sheet, while the couple’s son – just six months old – was in tears in the dining room. The policemen who intervened immediately took care of the child and made sure that he was okay. On the spot, the deputy prosecutor Luca Bertuzzi, owner of the investigations. In addition to the Flying Squad and the Scientific Police.

According to what has been reconstructed so far, the man would have been upset because his partner did not make him take her son in her arms. About three months ago, the woman moved away from Rimini due to a series of problems that arose after giving birth within the couple, who met on a dating site a year and a half ago during the lockdown, but about a week ago she had persuaded by her executioner to return home, after a stay with her grandmother in the capital. The murderer confessed by telling investigators that the problems between the two arose from the fact that his partner prevented him from taking care of the baby.

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The alarm was raised by the neighbors who heard the screams and requests for help. The violence began in the dining room where the killer allegedly hit the girl several times in the throat who only had time to scream, ask for help and needlessly beg her partner to calm down. After chasing her to her bedroom, the man allegedly raged at her using a rolling pin that was in her house. To the agents who came he said: “The baby is fine. Now you will no longer be able to speak ill of me.”

According to the neighbors, the man was followed by the psychiatric service of the Ausl. Neighbors also reported that the couple’s furious quarrels, both before the woman’s departure and after her return, were frequent, but there are no previous complaints against the man.

In May another similar episode had occurred in the Romagna city.

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