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Femicides, the numbers of horror: in the last year in Italy a woman has been killed every 3 days

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Beaten, disfigured, stabbed, massacred. That of Vanessa Zappalà, the 26-year-old from Aci Trezza shot dead by her ex-boyfriend who couldn’t stand her refusal, is just the latest, dramatic case of femicide we are forced to witness. Shocked and helpless. The latest official numbers relating to crimes which, as the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Teresa Bellanova wrote on Facebook, “affect women, their freedom and their very right to live” are those pitted last week by the traditional dossier of the Interior Ministry, relating to the period between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021. There were 105 femicides: down from the previous year but still too many. Just under one every three days. And in August the horrific spate of violence against women continued reaching its peak on the 12th: three crimes within 24 hours. Two women slaughtered, one strangled.

The killing is mostly partners and former partners, perpetrators of a fifth of crimes, mostly of a sexual nature. But also acquaintances and family members for a crime which, for decades submerged in the conspiratorial silence of the home, represents the very concept of oppression and gender discrimination. Over time, Censis points out, Italians have gained a certain awareness: 73.2% are convinced that violence against women is a “real problem of our society”, where the disparity between men and women remains strong and present . But there is still 23% who believe that it is a problem that “concerns only a small minority”, while 4 out of 100 Italians believe that “it is not a problem, but of isolated cases which are given excessive media attention” .

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The answer to all this can be summarized in the message with which Uil Sicily commented on the killing of Vanessa Zappalà. «Don’t call it love, don’t call it raptus. It’s just more blood on the hands of men who hate women. “

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