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Feng Xiaogang Denies Immigration

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Feng Xiaogang Denies Immigration

[The Epoch Times, November 1, 2022](Comprehensive report by The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun) After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping won three consecutive terms. Worrying about additional restrictions on epidemic prevention and control, “Runxue” on the Internet refreshed the screen again. It is reported on the Internet that celebrities such as Feng Xiaogang have “run” (corresponding to the English “Run” – run) overseas. In this regard, Feng Xiaogang refuted the rumor that he was sending his daughter to school in the United States, which aroused heated discussions among netizens.

In recent days, a video has circulated on the Internet showing Feng Xiaogang and his wife Xu Fan wearing casual clothes, hugging and saying goodbye to friends in front of a mansion, and Feng Xiaogang wearing slippers. Some netizens used Google Maps to find out Feng Xiaogang’s mansion in Los Angeles, USA through the street view in the video.

After the video was exposed, some netizens discovered that Feng Xiaogang’s 22 million followers’ Weibo account was also cleared, and his past articles were gone. This move was interpreted as Feng Xiaogang’s family “moistened” to the United States, and some even questioned that he “will not come back.”

On the evening of October 31, mainland media reported that Feng Xiaogang issued a statement to refute the rumor, denying that he and his wife Xu Fan immigrated overseas. The so-called online pictures were when he and Xu Fan sent their children to school.

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The statement said that Feng Xiaogang and Xu Fan sent their daughter to school in early August. It was the first time for her child to travel far and wanted to accompany her to adapt for a period of time. They also talked about project cooperation and learned about some new technologies in film production. .

Feng Xiaogang said that he and Xu Fan love Beijing and their homeland. “Thank you friends for your concern, come back to gather.”

In this regard, mainland netizens have heated discussions: “If Feng Xiaogang really emigrated, I think it would be a good thing. Freedom of movement is the basic bottom line of modern society.” “To be honest, I support capable and rich people to leave this country. , why? I believe many people are well aware of it! No need to clear, no nucleic acid, no…”

Gao Yu, a well-known media person in mainland China, also tweeted, “Feng Xiaogang denied his family’s immigration to the official media while clearing his Weibo. Does the national believe it? In addition, because rich people live in luxury houses wherever they are, they won’t worry about their livelihood. What is Feng Xiaogang worried about? In addition to Weibo, there are also luxury houses, which cannot be guaranteed by career and family and country feelings.”

Twitter netizens commented in succession: “Deny immigration, but confirm sending children to study in the United States! The side denies the education of the motherland.” “If Feng Xiaogang really immigrated, why rush to clear Weibo? … Vote with your feet, yes What’s the problem?”

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“The U.S. is the number one destination for Chinese officials and wealthy immigrants to immigrate, so why can’t Feng Xiaogang immigrate?” “What Feng Dao said on Phoenix TV before, and his statement this time, are not the same… “

Feng Xiaogang once said that China is bound to have another Cultural Revolution

In November 2012, Feng Xiaogang said in a talk show on Hong Kong’s Phoenix Satellite TV: “I always think that the possibility of another Cultural Revolution is very big, and the next Cultural Revolution is not like the past, I will give you a brand, slap you, and fight. You, I will kill you this time. You will not be able to overturn the case.”

He said that he kept warning those wealthy people around him at various dinner parties to be prepared, “anti-Japanese” would turn into “anti-rich” in the future… “Rush into your villa area, smash your home, Take your things.”

The background of Feng Xiaogang’s remarks is that from August to September 2012, the CCP launched anti-Japanese demonstrations in various provinces and cities in China, with a small number of a hundred people and a large number of tens of thousands. Smashing, looting, violent riots.

Expert: Celebrities and elites are fleeing for fear of a repeat of the Cultural Revolution

In fact, not only Feng Xiaogang is currently living overseas. According to information compiled on the Internet, many celebrities and elites, including Chinese real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi and his wife, basketball star Yao Ming, famous dancer Jin Xing and his wife, and director Zhang Yimou’s family, have all left China.

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On October 30, “China Board of Directors Network” reported that Wu Yajun, the former “richest woman in China”, recently resigned as the chairman of the board of directors of Longfor Group. Settled in the United States with my twin sons.

On October 29, a senior Japanese media person named Akio Yaita posted on Facebook that a friend he met in Beijing called from Japan, and the first sentence was “Finally ‘run’ came out.”

Akio Yaita said that after Xi Jinping’s third term in office, those who can escape from China will quickly “money”. Next, there should be more celebrities coming out one after another. For China’s social elites, the painful experience of the Cultural Revolution is still vivid in their minds, and it is difficult to endure Xi Jinping’s second Cultural Revolution line.

Some people joked on the Internet: After the 20th National Congress, every year is a “moistening” year, and a month is a “moistening” month.

Akio Yaita pointed out that when most of the elites in a society leave, what is left will be poverty, ignorance and tyranny.

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