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Fico against Draghi on Alitalia: “The Chamber deliberated without knowing the EU decisions”

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The Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico wrote a letter addressed to the President of the Council Mario Draghi. Casus belli the Infrastructure decree law and in particular article 7 containing ‘Urgent provisions on air transport’, relating to the passage from Alitalia to Ita. During the examination of the text by the Chamber, Fico reconstructs, the president of the Transport commission asks the Minister of Economy to transmit the decision of the European Commission referred to in the provision. A request that is made on two occasions, September 28 and October 19, also by the group leader of Liberi e Uguali, Federico Fornaro. On September 30 and October 20, Fico turns the latter requests to the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà, who forwards “a note from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with which he ensured the transmission of the document. referred to as soon as the complex procedure envisaged for its publication at European level has been completed “. “Since this act was not transmitted, during the session of the Assembly of the Chamber last October 28, in which the conversion bill was approved, deputies of various parliamentary groups – Fico emphasizes – noted that this branch of the Parliament had to deliberate on a complex and delicate issue, such as the one governed by article 7, paragraph 2, of the provision, without having full knowledge of the crucial provisions of the European Commission on the matter.

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