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“Fico and Quintero are the same”, Lucas Cañas, candidate for Mayor of Medellín

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“Fico and Quintero are the same”, Lucas Cañas, candidate for Mayor of Medellín

Who is Lucas Canas?

“Well, I am a lawyer with two master’s degrees, one in Government and public policy, an MB and one in administration from the EAFIT University. At the age of 22, I was elected a member of the National Directorate with 28,000 votes throughout the country. Then I was National Vice President of the Conservative Party, National President of the New Generations, I was Undersecretary of the Youth of MedellínI led in the Aníbal Gaviria Government the creation of the Youth Secretariat”.

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“I am a councilor from Medellín. Last year I was president of the Council and I am prepared to govern. Because? Because I’ve been up, down, in the middle, I’ve lost and I’ve won. And I have the maturity to understand what the people in Medellín need”.

Why did you decide to run for Mayor of Medellín with the flags of the Conservative Party?

“The first thing is that we have to Leaving polarization and the past represented by Federico Gutiérrez and the continuity represented by Daniel Quintero, which, when it comes down to it, represent the same thing to me. With different forms, but they represent the same thing, a lot of Twitter and few concrete solutions to the immense problems that Medellín has today and that need strong leadership, close to the people on the street and in the territory”.

“It is shown that he excessive movements and signatures, the only thing it has done is distort the exercise of democracyWe have to go back to the games. The problem of party organizations is not their problem in itself, but rather bad practices. And the bad practices are of the people, not of the organizations”.

Official: Lucas Cañas, Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of Medellín

“We must eradicate the bad practices of organizations and parties. And today we’re going out, not on a partisan projectbut rather a citizen, where we are going to invite groups, women, and citizens of Medellín, to build a great convergence for this city that we love and that we carry in our hearts, because we must go out to defend it with core issues such as security, the access to possibilities.

What would Lucas Cañas do as Mayor of Medellín?

“What people need is more Lucas, because people are starving. In Medellín, 24% of the people do eat breakfast, do not eat lunch, and if they do eat lunch, they do not eat. And we are more income, more Lucas for the people”.

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“We are on the street sharing with the people and the general claim of the citizenry is that it is suffocated, the rents are skyrocketing, the family basket, Petro’s mistakes that move the economycitizenship in Medellín, with 50% labor informality, We have 350,000 young people who neither study nor work, 11% unemployment in Medellin. And that leads us to think that the people need the ticket, but more Lucas, more income, focusing the actions with a solid government plan where we move the economy of Medellín and bring the solutions and opportunities to the people who need it most. needs”.

“That is why we are going to transform the bank of the poor into the bank of entrepreneursbecause we are going to bring financial education to the neighborhoods and communes of Medellín, solutions so that the economy reaches the homes of the city”.

What will be your strategy to bring more ‘Lucas’ to Medellín?

“Well, the strategy is to listen to each other more. We have an immense disconnection between the political class and the citizenry. We have to return to a government of the streets and with the people and where we return the government to the citizens of Medellín. People are expecting a lot from us and they are also expecting us to have office secretaries, who are social technicians, not self-serving bureaucrats who only think about their interests”.

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“We need social technicians who hurt the territory, who have human and social sensitivity to get out of the arrears and poverty that still persists in Medellín, because Medellín continues to be one of the most unequal cities in Colombia. We have two cities in one, one that has everything. And to another city that lacks everything. And that is where we are going to bring the solutions to the people who need it the most”.

What would Lucas Cañas de Medellín change?

“We are going to solve the security problems in the city, We are going to remove prostitution and blowing from Lleras Park. We are not going to allow prostitution and drug addiction and micro-trafficking to continue taking over Parque Lleras. Neither the 70 nor the center. And that requires authority, order and permanent conversation with the people”.

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“The first thing is that we need smart, business tourism that creates a climate for investment. In Medellín there is a tourism that comes from something else, you have to give it away and you have to take it to other spaces that are not the Lleras or the 70. And this is a subject that must be discussed without moralisms, without false moralisms. The problem must also be solved, because foreigners are also drowning the citizens of Medellín”.

“Gentrification is taking away our possibilities. People have no way to pay the rent because they compete with the dollars of the gringos and foreigners who pay people in advance than give them back their dignity and possibilities. Because I am going to tell you something, we have had governments that failed in a serious housing policy. Today Medellín has to go back to being a city of owners, where people can live with dignity and not drown in the middle of rents or the lack of possibilities. That’s why I think we need more Lucas.

“That is the fault of the bad governments. Governments that They did not think about that tourism that was going to arrive and that we did not prepare the citizens or today our citizens are impoverished, without economic capacity to compete with those emerging markets that come from other countries to look for this type of tourism. That’s where we are. A serious and strategic planning for the economic and social development of our people. Medellín For the citizens of Medellín, where access to housing can be a reality”.

What would be your formula for the Governor of Antioquia?

“Today the Conservative Party has a unique moment, it has a candidate for the Governor of Antioquia, which is Juan Diego Gómezand has a candidate with real and serious possibilities of being the next mayor of Medellín, who is Lucas Cañas, who is going to build a project where we all fit, including ideas that are different from mine or that are opposed to mine, because We are going to build a project for the city, diverse, plural and where women and young people have possibilities to undertake and dream and that dreams come true”.

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Why do they say that Lucas Cañas is another of Daniel Quintero’s candidates?

“Because it is the strategy of the extreme right to say that they are all Quintero’s candidates and that Lucas Cañas is also there. That is the failure of some extremes that have not been able for years to provide solutions to the people of Medellín. I am a city councilor and I have accompanied this government’s policies because I cannot cross myself as Vaca Muerta so that solutions and public investment reach the territories”.

“But it is clear Federico and Daniel Quintero, as the different ones represent the same thing and we cannot forget that. They govern on Twitter and on social networks, a way of governing that has divided us today. We have to manage to heal the wounds that Medellín has, governing with intelligence, with creativity, bringing together all sectors, the diversity of Medellín and plurality. So that the private company, so that the university and so that all the social sectors concentrate on a single purpose, return to Medellín, the city of possibilities, the city that did not stay in the past and that will build forward.” .

Should Fico Gutiérrez run for Mayor or Governor, or should he wait for the Presidential elections?

“With or without Federico, we are going to defeat fear, hopelessness. AND If Federico wants to be a candidate for mayor, then let him say so, it’s time. We are ready to face it with theses, with ideas. In addition, because corruption is not only wasting or trapping public money, corruption is also uninitiously wasting people’s resources. In the government of Federico in his four-year term we can say that there were 19 billion and he does not have a single work to claim and that shows how terrible that government was. That is why neither return to the past nor the continuity ”.

A final message for Kienyke readers?

Well, the first thing is that I am convinced that this city deserves more, that we have to pool our ideas, our creative capacity, our intelligence so that Medellín can overcome this crisis that it is experiencing today, that it is not the fault of this government, that It is the fault of many governments that have improvised and have dedicated themselves to dividing Medellín. We can’t divide anymore.”

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