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Fico Gutiérrez denounces alleged corruption in the Quintero mayor’s office

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Fico Gutiérrez denounces alleged corruption in the Quintero mayor’s office

“There were modifications in the technical specifications of the product, after being awarded, alleged improper execution of contracts, alleged favoring of a bidding company, alleged cost overruns of about $38 billion“, and no less serious, an alleged embezzlement in favor of third parties,” said Fico.

Another of the complaints announced by the mayor was that, apparently, Large amounts of money would have been transferred to 18 different corporations. The serious thing about this is that, apparently, these changes do not appear in the official documents of the Mayor’s Office.

Another of the complaints made by the Medellin politician targets a property of the Mayor’s Office that is located between the road Las Palmas and El Pobladoof 146 thousand square meters.

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Fico Gutiérrez, in the middle of his speech, assured that during the Quintero administration, this piece of land It went from costing two billion pesos to 48 billion Colombian pesos. This lot was called “Living Waters”.

“501 findings. This is just the beginning and this is just a part. My legal responsibility as mayor is to report what we have found and to take stock of today. As we have already done, we will continue to govern, resolving the disaster we found”, Gutiérrez highlighted.

It should be noted that, as argued in the press conference, these cases investigated by his administration would have already been transferred to different entities to carry out the respective legal process; Now everything is in the hands of the Attorney General’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office.

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Daniel Quintero’s response

A few hours after Fico’s speech ended, Daniel Quintero spoke directly with the newspaper El Tiempo in response to the complaints made by the current mayor.

“I made a Mayor’s Office knowing the persecution I would have for denouncing Hidroituango. And I’m so calm that I didn’t even bother even though the DPS (Department of Social Prosperity) allowed me that”

In addition, he highlighted the complaints that he has been making through his social networks where he claims that, in the midst of Fico’s mayoralty, the city would be inundated with garbage.

I see Fico desperate, drowned in garbage and with skyrocketing crime trying to divert attention.

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