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Filippo Turetta arrested in Germany. Giulia was already dead before being abandoned – News

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Filippo Turetta arrested in Germany.  Giulia was already dead before being abandoned – News

Filippo Turetta was stopped this morning in Germany. The young man’s lawyer, Emanuele Compagno, told ANSA, having confirmed this and informed his parents.

The arrest of the 22-year-old accused of the murder of Giulia Cecchettin took place near Leipzig. According to what we learn, Turetta was stopped in his car on the A9 motorway near the town of Bud Durremberg and is in a German police office

Video Flowers and messages in front of Giulia’s house: ‘You are everyone’s daughter’

For further information ANSA Agency Giulia was killed, stabbed in the head and neck – News – Ansa.it The young woman’s body was found in a gully along the road that leads from Lake Barcis to the tourist station of Piancavallo (Pordenone). The boy’s car spotted in Austria on Sunday (ANSA)

The town of Vigonovo is this morning in front of the house of the Cecchettin family, where Giulia lived. Everything is monitored by two carabinieri patrols, while the journalists await the possible exit of some family member. In front of the gate lots of flowers, brought by children who make the sign of the cross. Many written messages, among which stands out “Giulia rest in peace in your mother’s arms, you are the daughter of all of us. A hug to your father”

Video Missing boys, the area where Giulia’s body was found

Turetta tired and resigned at the time of the arrest

When Filippo Turetta was arrested he did not resist. Indeed, to the German traffic police officers who stopped him he appeared tired and resigned, as if he were eager to surrender. According to what we understand, this is what the German authorities communicated to the Italian authorities after the young man was stopped on a motorway near Leipzig.
Turetta’s car was stopped on the emergency lane because, according to the officers, it had run out of petrol and Filippo had no money to refuel again.

According to what was learned, the patrol that was on duty on the motorway and who then made the arrest became suspicious because the black Punto was stopped in the emergency lane without the emergency lights on. The police then checked the license plate and discovered that the car was registered in the international cooperation circuit. Precisely because the car was reported, the officers proceeded with caution to identify the young man who was driving and it emerged that it was indeed Turetta. Who, once identified, did not resist.

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Video Giulia, Filippo’s lawyer: ‘I learned about his arrest from journalists’

Giulia’s father: ‘Something must come from this affair’

“Love, I already miss you so much. Hug your mother and give her a kiss for me.” Gino Cecchettin, the father of Giulia, who was found dead yesterday in the Barcis area in Friuli, wrote it this morning on his Facebook profile. Then a quote “True love does not humiliate, does not disappoint, does not trample, does not betray and does not hurt the heart. True love does not scream, does not hit, does not kill”.

Giulio’s father, speaking to journalists this evening, said that “something must come from this affair”. “We as a family will actively work to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, because other girls, other women, I also speak on behalf of Elena, we will do something”, said Gino Cecchettin, breaking the silence after the death of his daughter Giulia and the arrest of Filippo Turetta.

“We as a family – he added, in front of the house in Vigonovo – obviously miss Giulia very much, you will have seen it from my messages this morning, but we must strengthen ourselves and look to the future”.

Filippo’s father: ‘We don’t understand how this could have happened’

“We are still in shock from what our son did. We don’t understand how something like this could have happened, and we offer our utmost condolences, we are very close to Giulia’s family, because we loved her.”

With difficulty, Nicola Turetta spoke to journalists this evening as he left his house in Torreglia (Padua). Giulia “we got to know her well. She came here with Filippo and they saw us. It seemed like a perfect couple; no one will bring Giulia back again. We are very close to this family, and we can’t understand how a boy we tried to do something like this could have done something like this. to give everything.”

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A broken knife was found at the scene of the attack

Among the finds collected in the industrial area of ​​Fossò, in the province of Venice, where Filippo Turetta killed his ex-girlfriend Giulia on Saturday night 11 November, there is also a broken knife. ANSA learns this from qualified sources. The knife, which may not even be the one used by the 22-year-old to hit the girl, was found immediately by detectives, in the first phase of the investigation, but the fact only became known today.

Giulia’s body carried down the cliff in her arms

Filippo Turetta did not throw or let Giulia’s body fall from the road in the mountain area of ​​Piancavallo but carried it down the cliff in his arms and placed it under a large rock. Finally, he covered it with some black bags that were found nearby. It is the latest reconstruction of what happened the night of a week ago.

Giulia’s sister on social media: ‘I will never stay silent’

“I will never be silent. You will never silence me.” This is the message that Elena Cecchettin, Giulia’s sister, entrusts to Instagram ‘stories’. In the latest messages on the social network, this morning Elena takes up and copies other ‘stories’ dedicated to gender violence, on the “rape culture” that feeds and protects the violent, and on the quote from the Peruvian activist Cristina Torres Cáceres: “If tomorrow it’s me If I don’t come back tomorrow, destroy everything. If it’s my turn tomorrow, I want to be the last.”

Filippo used bloody banknotes to get petrol

Banknotes with blood stains for getting petrol in a vending machine. He used them during his escape Filippo Turetta, stopping last Sunday to refuel at a vending machine in Cortina. The cameras – writes the Corriere Veneto – framed the car, the black Fiat Punto, and the boy who introduced the money into the window. When the owner of the service station opened the facility a few days later, among the banknotes he found a 20 euro one with blood stains.

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Filippo, research on the computer for survival kits

Research on high-altitude survival kits would have emerged by analyzing the computer history of Filippo Turetta, the 22-year-old accused of the murder of Giulia Cecchettin. Corriere della Sera wrote it today. Furthermore, from the investigations carried out on the PC, there would be a search for itineraries on the southern Tyrolean side of Austria. Among the material seized from Turetta’s house there is also some adhesive tape, to understand if it is the same material that appears among the artefacts found in the car park of the “Dior” company in Fossò, the scene of the violent argument with Giulia recorded by the cameras of surveillance.

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