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Financial critic Ye Tan studio fined for having endorsed CCP policy | Meng Wanzhou | Property market |

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[Epoch Times November 18, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) The studio of Ye Tan, a well-known financial critic in China, was punished by the authorities for publishing “illegal advertisements.” Ye Tan had previously published “big chess theory” many times to endorse the CCP’s policies on the property market and population, but not long ago, he published an article praising the power cuts and was criticized by the state media. His studio was fined this time at a time when the CCP’s public opinion control was upgraded, and the financial information platform was one of the authorities’ key targets.

Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration’s WeChat public account “Shanghai Market Supervision” released on November 15 the “2021 People’s Livelihood Case Investigation and Handling the Sixth Batch of Typical Cases of Operation’Iron Fist'”, including “Shanghai Yetan Financial Information Service Studio released illegal advertisements case”.

The official notification mentioned that the Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau conducted an investigation on the Shanghai Yetan Financial Information Service Studio on May 14 this year, and found that the parties were in “Yetan Finance” from November 1 last year to April 8 this year. The WeChat public account published 4 articles with the title “Urgent! A major market dividend opportunity for a big increase of 8 times!”.

(webpage Screenshot)

According to the report, the article aims to promote the Ye Tan Finance City Partner Project. The purpose is to recruit Ye Tan Finance’s agent distributors in local cities to distribute Ye Tan’s paid financial education courses and obtain high commission returns from Ye Tan Finance.

The main content of the party’s advertisement was: “Bengbu partners have created a total of more than 500,000 yuan in less than 6 months in the second half of 2020, and revenue reached 170,000 yuan”, “but I can tell you one of our partners He distributes products for one night, six-figure revenue. Sitting at home, moving his fingers, nothing more.”

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The official notification stated that the content of the advertisement did not indicate possible risks and contained content that implies guaranteed benefits.

In response, the Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau ordered Shanghai Ye Tan Financial Information Service Studio to stop publishing advertisements, ordered advertisers to eliminate the impact within the corresponding scope, and fined RMB 160,000.

According to the information from Tianyan, Shanghai Yetan Financial Information Service Studio was established in December 2014 with a registered capital of 10,000 yuan. Its business scope includes investment consulting, financial consulting (not allowed to engage in bookkeeping), business information consulting, corporate marketing planning, etc. . Shanghai Ye Tan Financial Information Service Studio is 100% controlled by Ye Jun, and it also has 14 companies including Shanghai Tanxiang Cultural Consulting Co., Ltd. under his name.

Public information shows that Ye Tan, a Ph.D. from the History Department of Fudan University, a well-known financial critic, and financial columnist, has authored “The True Face of the Stock Market”, “What Can I Use to Save the Chinese Economy”, “The Chinese Real Estate War”, and “The Chinese Economy Is Standing crossroads? “Etc., known as the “Financial Woman Swordsman”.

Endorsement of the CCP’s policy was criticized by the official media

According to the “Securities Times” report, the articles of Ye Tan Finance’s official account are often “exclaimed” titles, and there have been many articles and blog posts that have caused controversy before.

On Ye Tan’s Weibo, which has more than 3.6 million followers, many remarks have caused controversy, including her comment on the Meng Wanzhou incident and her endorsement of the Chinese Communist Party’s property market and population policy, which is called “a big game of the country.”

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In addition, starting in early September this year, more than 20 provinces in China have imposed power cuts. In response to the “electricity shortage”, people in some areas began to snap up candles.

On September 25, Ye Tan posted a post on Weibo, saying that “switching power cuts can drive down the cost of raw materials; compete for the right to speak on inflation; and force domestic industrial upgrading.”

(webpage Screenshot)
(webpage Screenshot)

Subsequently, the “CCTV Online Review” published a commentary article saying that some self-media that has hot spots and must rub the power curtailment as “the country is in the next big game”, the article referred to this as a “misleading view” and a “low-level red “, “Advanced Black”.

The CCP’s public opinion management and control upgrade focuses on rectifying financial information

It is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned Ye Tan endorsed the CCP’s policies such as “turning off the power supply”, which coincides with the tightening of public opinion control by the authorities.

On August 27 this year, the Cyberspace Administration of the Communist Party of China announced the launch of a special rectification of the Qinglang commercial website platform and “self-media” illegal procurement, editing and publishing of financial information. The first phase will be October 26.

In this round of operations, four types of financial “self-media” accounts, major public account platforms, major commercial website platforms, financial sections, and major financial information platforms have become key targets of the CCP authorities.

The authorities claimed that the news published by these financial accounts “distorted and interpreted” the CCP’s financial policies, macroeconomic data, “singed out” China‘s financial market, “singed down” China‘s economy, etc.; and that the accounts were reproduced to convey overseas interpretations of China‘s financial hotspots. Report comments, etc.

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In addition, Chinese social platforms such as Weibo and Tencent actively cooperate with the authorities’ suppression policies.

The Cyberspace Administration of the Communist Party of China issued a message on September 8 showing that in the special rectification of commercial website platforms and self-media by the Cyberspace Administration of China, 2,929 “self-media” accounts have been disposed of, of which 1,793 accounts have been closed and banned. , Including 3 accounts with more than 1 million fans.

Regarding the continuous escalation of the CCP’s public opinion control, Xie Tian, ​​a professor at the Aiken School of Business at the University of South Carolina in the United States, said in an interview with The Epoch Times that the CCP has always been afraid of being exposed to economic fraud, even if it is reported by the media overseas. Data will also reflect the economic downturn in China, which will scare the CCP, because politics and economy have always been linked.

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