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Fionzaso, woman overwhelmed by the pirate, autopsy tomorrow

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The young man driving his grandfather’s car has appointed a defender. It was a “runner” who found the shoe after the accident

FONZASO. An autopsy on the body of Emilia Santurini, the 63-year-old woman from Fonzaso overturned and killed Monday evening in the industrial area by a young driver who did not help her, has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Thrown over the fence of the Mauser company by the impact with the Fiesta driven by the 25-year-old fonzasino boy, the woman was found lifeless only in the morning, despite searches by family members and rescuers alarmed for her failure to return.

The autopsy examination ordered by the judicial authority will serve to collect further elements on the modalities of the violent impact and subsequent death of the woman, found twelve hours later inside the company area, at the foot of the railing wall.

The boy, who was driving his grandfather’s car, has already given his version on Tuesday to the carabinieri of the Feltre company who tracked him down after the discovery of the woman’s body, tracing back to that particular old model of Fiesta thanks to the rearview mirror. right left on the asphalt. It was dark, there was fog and he was distracted by fumbling with his mobile phone as he walked along the road of the industrial area towards Feltre-Fonzaso. He crashed, he heard the blow but, seeing nothing behind him, he continued the journey home.

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The young man, who was denounced on the loose with the hypothesis of the crime of road murder and escape after the accident, has appointed the trusted lawyer who will assist him, the lawyer Luciano Licini.

What is certain is that he did not hide, on the contrary he went to work the next day – still there in the industrial area – with the car with the windshield broken, the right headlight destroyed and without the mirror.

Not even the young man who found the right shoe of the Fonzasina woman on the asphalt and hanging from the railing of the company did not notice Emilia Santurini’s body lying on the ground just inside the fence. It is a runner, who went out for an evening run in the industrial area: he came forward with the carabinieri of the Feltre company. The fact that on Monday evening he approached the railing and saw nothing inside the garden confirms the conditions of very poor visibility.

An element that could be used in the investigation but that will not return Emilia Santurini to her husband Giuseppe Corso, who returned in a hurry from California where he was for work and yesterday surrounded by the affection of his family in this tragic moment.

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