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Fire in a building in Rome, one man died and at least 17 injured – Lazio

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Fire in a building in Rome, one man died and at least 17 injured – Lazio

There is a victim in the fire that broke out in a seven-story building in via D’Onofrio in Rome. It is a man whose body was recovered by firefighters on the stairs of the building. The man was killed by smoke from the fire. At the moment the number of wounded is 17, including intoxicated and burnt people. According to sources from the Rome police headquarters, seven people were burned and, of these, three are hospitalized in serious conditions at the Sant’Eugenio hospital. On the other hand, ten people were left intoxicated by smoking. The external prosecutor of the Rome prosecutor’s office arrived at the place where the fire broke out for an inspection.

Fire in a building in Rome, at least 7 injured

Renovation work is underway in the building that burned down, at the crossroads with Largo Nino Franchellucci. The flames involved about seven floors. According to reports, the firefighters have extracted people with “respiratory complications”, while others have been entrusted to the doctors. The firefighters are at work with various teams and various vehicles, including two tankers and two ladder trucks.

The fire – according to what has been learned from sources of the rescuers – would have started from a car that was parked under the building. The flames of the car would have triggered the explosion of some acetylene cylinders present in the construction site which in turn would have also involved the scaffolding.

There are three staircases of the seven-story building affected by the fire that broke out in the building in Colli Aniene. The provincial commander of the fire brigade Alessandro Paola said so, making a point on the intervention underway in via d’Onofrio and confirming that at the moment there is a confirmed victim. “We still have to close the intervention – he explained – we are doing checks to see if there was still anyone inside and then we will do a thorough check on all the apartments”. And “only at the end of these operations will we be able to say” if it will be possible to return to the homes. As for the causes, the commander underlined that “at the moment it is not yet possible to establish where the fire started from” and confirmed that there were two or three explosions before the flames engulfed the scaffolding of the building, on which they were ongoing renovations.

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Rocca: “These are terrible hours, the death toll could grow”
“These are minutes, terrible hours, what Colli Aniene is experiencing on this day of celebration. In via Edoardo d’Onofrio, in Rome, a building under renovation has caught fire. Many injured, some seriously, and at the moment one confirmed victim But it is feared that the budget could grow. I express my deepest condolences, on behalf of the Regional Council, to the family of the victim of the fire and my deepest solidarity with the injured and their families. I also want to thank the Fire Brigade, the The forces of the order, the women and men of 118 and the many health workers of the Policlinico Umberto I, of San Giovanni and of S. Eugenio engaged non-stop in the treatments. I am following the rescue operations and will continue to do so”. This was stated in a note by Francesco Rocca, President of the Lazio Region.

“We are setting up the tent city at the Croce Institute and at the Palalevante”. The president of the IV Municipality Massimiliano Umberti writes it on Facebook, regarding the fire of the building in Colli Aniene. Umberti uses social media to update on the state of the fire: “One dead confirmed, two seriously burned at Sant’Eugenio” he wrote around 4.20pm. And shortly before: “There are two staircases that have completely burned down. There are doors that have not yet been opened by the firefighters, whoever owns the keys must come and bring them, otherwise the doors must be forced open”. “A disaster – he writes in another post – we have opened the crisis unit”.

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