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Firm environmental license for the coast guard station of the National Navy in Gorgona – news

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Firm environmental license for the coast guard station of the National Navy in Gorgona – news

The execution of the work on this important island in the Pacific of Cauca is fundamental, says the Attorney General’s Office.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation noticed a huge disarticulation between the different institutions and public authorities in terms of the political decision of the execution of the project for the “Construction of the Gorgona Coast Guard Second Level Stationdespite the fact that the environmental license that contemplates the construction of the National Navy coast guard station and complementary works in the Gorgona National Natural Park enjoys a presumption of legality, contemplates the evaluation of environmental impacts and is fully executable as well as essential.

The announcement was made after the meeting called by the control entity in its preventive monitoring, space in which it was recognized that the license granted to the owner by the National Authority for Environmental Licenses (ANLA), is a firm act and therefore executable by the National Navy, without a legal suspension decision mediating as announced in the media, in the absence of an administrative act that orders the interruption of the project issued by the competent environmental authority.

Likewise, in the development of said table, led by the Delegate Attorney for Environmental and Agrarian Affairs, and which was attended by representatives of the National Government, military and environmental authorities, reference was made to theThe importance of the project for the security of the country in maritime and coastal areasthe control of drug trafficking and the fight against crimes against the environment, practices associated with illegal fishing in the Colombian Pacific, among others.

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During the meeting, the control entity also urged the ANLA, to assess current compliance with the project execution scheduleinformation that will be referred by the Attorney General’s Office, for the eventual request of a follow-up environmental public hearing.

Finally, the commitment on the part of the National Government was specified, to carry out a Multi-ethnic table on the island on April 11 and 12to review the comments on the project and other matters associated with the needs that the Colombian State must satisfy the communities of the Colombian Pacific, without this constituting a decision-making space on the execution of the project that exclusively concerns the environmental authority within the framework of the procedures and mechanisms provided for it.

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