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Firm youngsters with ‘El Cesar en marcha’

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Firm youngsters with ‘El Cesar en marcha’

A group of young people from the department of Cesar took a bold step by taking over the political house of ‘El Cesar en Marcha’, in an extraordinary act of support for the candidate for governor, Elvia Milena Sanjuán Dávila.

“Dynamism, strength and transformation”, those were the energetic words of Oscar Durán, leader of the youth group, when expressing his enthusiasm for the candidacy of Elvia Milena Sanjuán; they consider that her experience in the public sector and unparalleled social sense embody what El Cesar en Marcha represents.

The young people took advantage of this opportunity to express their fervent support for the candidate and to express their demands and aspirations as young Caesareans. They highlighted the importance of youth participation in politics and the need to have representatives that promote their interests and listen to their voices, such as Elvia Milena Sanjuán.

Given the news of the seizure of the political house, Elvia Milena Sanjuán showed her gratitude for the trust placed in her. In addition, she stressed that her candidacy seeks to continue generating opportunities for Cesarean youth; She also promised to promote and strengthen youth participation processes in the municipalities, so that youth and their organizations take ownership of what is public, exercise their citizenship, and work to transform their realities.

With this youthful impulse and the leadership of Elvia Milena Sanjuán, ‘El Cesar en Marcha’ is ready to face the challenges and build a prosperous and promising future for the department of Cesar.

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