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[First-line interview]Xining suddenly closed and controlled the people’s lack of supplies and hungry | Xining closed the city | Price | Can’t afford food

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[First-line interview]Xining suddenly closed and controlled the people’s lack of supplies and hungry | Xining closed the city | Price | Can’t afford food

[The Epoch Times, October 28, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Xiao Lusheng, Hong Ning, and Gu Xiaohua interviewed and reported) Xining City, Qinghai Province was suddenly closed and controlled, resulting in people who did not have enough time to prepare supplies and shouted hungry. Prices in the community have skyrocketed again, people cannot afford to buy food, and people are suspected of starving to death in the local area.

Xining suddenly closed

At noon on the 21st, Xining City announced that the main urban area will fully implement home work and life management measures. Xining has a resident population of nearly 2.48 million.

Miss Dong (pseudonym), who has been a volunteer three times, told The Epoch Times reporter on the 27th that before the lockdown, there was no official announcement. Suddenly, within half an hour, there were no cars on the road. Walk home.

A netizen wrote, “I only gave everyone an hour and 10 minutes from the busy time to Qiwu.” “The people who made the announcement would not pay attention to the person who couldn’t go home through the river. The crying workers on the road did not see the grandparents and grandchildren who went to grab a bottle of soy sauce and a few potatoes and were worried about not having enough money, nor did they see the pregnant woman walking home crying after the pregnancy test… “

Miss Dong said that when she learned of the closure, she found that the vegetable shop could no longer be squeezed in. “When you go in, there is nothing left.”

“I volunteer at the front line, and what I see is helplessness, powerlessness, and the government’s inaction. This time is very disappointing,” she said.

Ms. Dong said that for citizens with abnormal nucleic acid tests, community personnel did not care about them after they came to the door to put seals on them. The government said that they provided free vegetable bags, but they did not, and small businesses were raising prices. It is impossible to know the actual situation, and the cumulative numbers of confirmed diagnoses and cumulative cures in the official reports are not true.

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High local prices

Mr. Zhao (pseudonym), a resident of Xincheng Community, told The Epoch Times that the price of vegetables sold in the community is ridiculously high, and a little vegetable (without tomatoes and green onions) costs 60 yuan. It has been static management for two months before the closure, and some people have no job or income. “Where does the money come from to buy such an expensive vegetable bag?”

Zhao said that heclassmateThe Chengbei District, where he is located, costs 300 yuan a pack, which only includes four potatoes, two tomatoes, a small packet of peppers, five eggs, and a pinch of green onions.

In October 2022, Xining residents disclosed the contents of the vegetable packs they received. (provided by respondents)
In October 2022, people in Xining said that the price of food is high, and a dish will cost 60 yuan. (provided by respondents)

“Many people are hungry and call the 12345 hotline, but no one picks up.” Mr. Zhao said.

A few days ago, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced the verification results of “the price of a cabbage is 49.31 yuan”, claiming that the staff made a mistake while busy and typed the barcode of the lotus root onto the cabbage. Previously, Xining netizens expressed on multiple social platforms that it is difficult and expensive to buy food.

Mr. Zhao refuted, “When I was charging other people’s money at that time, I didn’t realize that the price was so expensive. If it was searched on Weibo, it was said that it was posted wrong.”

Other netizens also retorted: “Is this a matter of one cabbage? This is a matter of thousands of cabbages, a matter of people eating, and a matter of living. If the price of a cabbage is exposed on the Internet, you can check it out. Cabbage, the execution is really strong.” “It has been three years, and the emergency plan of the provincial capital city is so good.”

The official also announced that you can call the 12135 hotline to report the sale of high-priced dishes. “I called four or five times today, but no one answered,” said Mr. Zhao.

Another netizen wrote, “A radish is sold for 12 yuan, and a cabbage is sold for 49.31 yuan. How did this phenomenon of making a fortune come about, and why can’t other ordinary people’s vegetable shops open?” Xining people are like a group of people who are wrapped in black cloth and are driven away and cannot have ideas!”

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Some netizens complained: “After the unit door was blocked and I couldn’t get the daily necessities, I contacted the property and the community. The property asked me to find the community. I called the community, hoping to help me get the vegetable bag I ordered. The community One of the staff said ‘no one right now’ and hung up!”

In October 2022, people in Xining said that prices were high, and a piece of purple cabbage would cost 46.85 yuan. (provided by respondents)

Citizen Ms. Wang (pseudonym) told The Epoch Times reporter on the 27th, “I’m really afraid that I will run out of food one day, so I look for food in various groups every day. Now the price of vegetables is ridiculously high, and even money can’t buy them. If the government If the basic livelihood problems of the people are not solved now, it is uncertain whether there will be cases of starvation.”

Another citizen disclosed to The Epoch Times on the 27th that his grandmother was in the hospital, and the hospital staff did not allow her relatives to take care of her. The grandmother could only live by infusion of nutrient solution. As a result, in the early morning of the third day of hospitalization, the grandmother died suddenly, and the family even had her last face. Haven’t seen either.

Miss Dong (pseudonym) told The Epoch Times, “A lot of people can’t eat, they have nothing to eat, and there is an old grandfather who lives alone. His grandson wants to deliver food and refuses to let him. It’s true that he starved to death.”

She also said: “In the cabin, you have to pay for (eat) food, and (the meal) is not hot. Dabai’s attitude is bad, and no one cares about the life and death of the quarantined personnel.”

Another citizen told the Epoch Times reporter that because he posted a video of the Xining epidemic on the Internet, “the Public Security Bureau threatened me and asked me to delete the video.”

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Shanxi maternity confinement confinement infection

In addition to Xining, Qinghai, Datong City, Shanxi is also facing a severe epidemic. Netizens whose hometown is in Datong said on Weibo that Datong has been closed for half a month.

Ms. Li, who was confinement at the Datong Confinement Center, told the Epoch Times reporter on the 28th, “I have been silent, but I have not stopped being silent. It is not a normal state, but it is actually the same as the city closure.”

She was infected in the middle of confinement, and all 8 mothers in the confinement center were infected. Now the two people who live in the double room are isolated together, and the three people who live in the triple room are isolated together.

Ms. Li said that she was admitted to the confinement center on September 17 and was infected on October 22. She was trapped in the confinement center like everyone else. At first, the hospital did not provide medicine, and she was given traditional Chinese medicine only after 4 days of infection. The hospital did not treat the child.

“The child is so young, and (the hospital) will not do anything after knowing about this matter. That’s what I’m angry about. You can’t figure out how to cure it in one day, and you can’t figure out how to cure it after ten days?” Ms. Li said, “Or this new crown You don’t need treatment, you can just carry it on your own, it’s okay, you can give a letter of approval, it can’t be said that it’s put on hold, let us ask three questions, and ask when we will be discharged from the hospital, but we don’t know; .”

She also said that she didn’t even have a change of clothes in the hospital, and it was impossible to take a shower.

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