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First report | September Chinese head of state’s diplomatic keywords have “new” meaning_Xinhua News

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The world landscape is undergoing profound changes, the COVID-19 pandemic is fluctuating, the world economy is recovering hard, and human society is standing at the crossroads of history.

“Every responsible politician must answer questions of the times with confidence, courage, and responsibility, and make historical choices.” At the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly on September 21, President Xi Jinping called for this.

In September, the diplomatic activities of the Chinese head of state were frequent and rich in content——

Overcome the difficulties together and conspire in the future. In September, the Chinese head of state’s diplomatic keywords have “new” meaning, “First Report” sorts out for you——

Regarding the responsibility of great powers——

With the telescope of history, the current position can be seen more clearly.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of New China’s restoration of its legal seat in the United Nations. Over the past 50 years, China has always fulfilled its responsibilities as a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of international order.

In his speech at the General Debate of the 76th UN General Assembly, President Xi Jinping added the new position of “provider of public goods” to China’s role.

The “Belt and Road” initiative has become the most popular international public product, and the promotion of the new crown vaccine as a global public product… Providing more public products to the world is a vivid example of China’s fulfillment of its responsibility as a major country.

As the world’s largest developing country and the largest developed country, whether China and the United States can properly handle their relations is critical to the future and destiny of the world. It is the “question of the century” that the two countries must answer.

On September 10, the heads of state of China and the United States made a call. President Xi Jinping pointed out: “China-US relations are not a multiple-choice question of whether to do a good job, but a must-answer question of how to do a good job.”

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The century of change has been intertwined with the epidemic of the century, and the international landscape is undergoing profound changes. People of all countries have a more ardent hope for peaceful development, a stronger voice for fairness and justice, and a firmer pursuit of win-win cooperation.

Practicing true multilateralism is what the times need. On multilateral platforms such as the Eastern Economic Forum, the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the United Nations, President Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the need to practice true multilateralism and point out a path for perfecting global governance.

“I firmly believe that the trend of peaceful development and progress of mankind is unstoppable.” President Xi Jinping’s words are firm and powerful.

About international development cooperation——

Development is the key to achieving people’s happiness and the eternal pursuit of human society.

The epidemic has severely impacted the results of global poverty reduction, economic growth in emerging market countries has slowed, global crises such as climate change and food security have intensified, the north-south “development gap” has continued to expand, and the recovery of the world economy is struggling.

At the key point where the cause of international development is facing, President Xi Jinping solemnly put forward a global development initiative——

The Global Development Initiative has drawn a blueprint for the development of countries and international development cooperation, and pointed out the direction for the promotion of global development and international development cooperation. It has received high attention and universal praise from the international community.

Juncao technology continues to go overseas for the benefit of the people, the service trade fair has been successfully held for two consecutive years, and the high-quality co-construction of the “Belt and Road” is steadily advancing… Firmly grasping the master key to solve all problems of development, the Chinese plan is shining and effective It is widely recognized.

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Persist in the harmonious coexistence of man and nature is the proper meaning of achieving sustainable development. President Xi Jinping announced that China will vigorously support the green and low-carbon development of energy in developing countries and will no longer build new overseas coal power projects.

On September 9th, at the 13th meeting of BRICS leaders, President Xi Jinping advocated the promotion of high-quality development of BRICS practical cooperation, and put forward five proposals on cooperation in public health, vaccines, economy, political security, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Next year, China will take over as the presidency of the BRICS countries and host the 14th meeting of the leaders of the BRICS countries. Following the 2017 Xiamen meeting, BRICS cooperation will once again enter “China time”, and countries look forward to hearing more Chinese voices and Chinese plans.

About a community with a shared future for mankind——

In September, under the leadership of the Chinese head of state diplomacy, the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind further developed and its connotations became richer.

On September 17, at the 21st meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, President Xi Jinping put forward five suggestions on building a “closer SCO community with a shared future.”

From the 2018 Qingdao Summit put forward the concept of development, security, cooperation, civilization, and global governance, to 2020 proposed to build a “health community”, “safety community”, “development community”, “humanities community”, and then to build a “more The close SCO community with a shared future”, the SCO continues to move forward, making important theoretical and practical explorations for building a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind.

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On September 18, in a video address to the sixth summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, President Xi Jinping pointed out that China-Latin America relations have entered a new era of equality, mutual benefit, innovation, openness, and benefiting the people. “China is willing to cooperate with Latin America and the Caribbean. The countries work together to overcome difficulties, create opportunities, and jointly promote the building of a China-Latin America community with a shared future.”

“China is willing to work with other countries in the world to jointly shoulder the historical responsibility of seeking progress for mankind.” President Xi Jinping pays great attention to the digital economy and other innovative fields, and put forward important expositions such as “conspiring big data to support sustainable development”, “Let digital civilization benefit people of all countries, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind”.

On September 21, when attending the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly, President Xi Jinping proposed “building a community with a shared future for global development”——

Those who are aware change with time, and those who know are subject to change. In the face of global challenges, President Xi Jinping’s powerful call to bring faith and strength to the world——

“Let us strengthen our confidence, work together to deal with global threats and challenges, promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, and jointly build a better world!”


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