Home News Fisco, Prodi: “Whoever puts the plus sign loses elections but thus debts increase”

Fisco, Prodi: “Whoever puts the plus sign loses elections but thus debts increase”

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Romano Prodi says this without any hesitation or fear of denial: “Whoever puts the plus sign in front of the tax authorities, loses the elections.” But in doing so, “the public debt increases.” The Bolognese professor says it during the program, «Half an hour more» explaining that «the dynamics of prices are complicated». We are in a strange situation. «I’ve been afraid of inflation for a long time, says Prodi – Central bankers have confidence in their intervention but the dynamics of prices are rising. Attention: central bankers do their duty but meanwhile prices are rising. In Italy we are doing quite well. The optimists struggle a little: they say that inflation is temporary because it is very much driven by energy ». Energy already, but above all the environment. And here too, realism on the part of the former prime minister. “We all want and I will always fight for an environmental policy as God commands – says Romano Prodi – but gas is used for the intermediate passage between coal and new energy but we have not invested”, he adds. “We are careful that the free market is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it must be used with intelligence”, underlined Prodi.

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