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Five bodies of missing people recovered in Tadó

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In the communities of Gingarabá and Guarato, in the northeast of the municipality of Tadó (Chocó), the Search Unit for Missing Persons (UBPD) recovered five bodies that would correspond to combatants who lost their lives in clashes that occurred more than 22 years ago. in the town of El Tapón.

● The location of the bodies was possible thanks to the coordination of the Search Unit for Missing Persons, UBPD, with community councils, signatories of the Peace Agreement and organizations committed to the search for missing persons in the Department of Chocó.

● The recovered bodies were delivered to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences to advance their genetic matching process.

● The recovery included the participation of the Victims Unit and the United Nations Verification Mission, the latter in their work as guarantors of the peace process and the actions developed within its framework.

At 10 in the morning on January 16, 2002, Ivana Perea, a 65-year-old woman and resident of the area, heard the explosion of bombs and felt the earth shake. She and 200 families from this district witnessed the offensive actions against the illegal armed groups that frequented that territory. From that day on, the community exchanged the peace in which they had become accustomed to living for endless confinement and fear that soon caused massive displacement.

According to the humanitarian and extrajudicial investigation carried out by the Search Unit, at least 60 people were missing due to causes related to the armed conflict in the municipality of Tadó.

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During the violent events experienced in this area of ​​the Colombian Pacific, some people were recruited by illegal armed groups, others forcibly disappeared and a number more died during clashes caused by the displacement of Ivana and her community.

After 20 years of these events, the support of the members of the community councils of Alto San Juan (ASOCASAN) and Santa Cecilia and the contribution of information from signatories of the peace agreement that make up the Reencuentros Humanitarian Corporation allowed the Search to return to the Alto San Juan region, in eastern Chocó, to recover some of the bodies buried at the bloodiest moment of the war.

María Alejandra Ortiz and Andrea Gómez, anthropologists from the UBPD who participated in the humanitarian action to recover the bodies, highlighted the importance of community support and the participation of those who had to leave their territory.

“The experience was very gratifying and emotional because not only were we able to meet the objective of finding the bodies, but we were also able to contribute to closing a cycle of pain for several families who for more than 20 years have searched for their loved ones.” dear ones. “We are contributing to the construction of peace through reparations to families,” the officials stated.

For their part, Yeicy Echavarría and Luz Mireya Moreno, integral investigators of the Search Unit in Chocó, called for the communities of the

Chocó continue to provide information that expedites the search processes and the delivery of answers to people who do not know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

“These actions allow the construction of bridges of trust and solidarity. This is a call to society to continue trusting in our work and continue working together towards a future where territorial peace and reconciliation prevail,” Echavarría commented.

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The five recovered bodies, along with the information collected in the humanitarian investigation, were delivered to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences for their analysis and identification process. This humanitarian action is part of the Regional Search Plan of the San Juan subregion, which includes the search for approximately 500 people missing due to the armed conflict in the 12 municipalities of this subregion.

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