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Five research champions with 55 universities and 65 companies

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Five research champions with 55 universities and 65 companies

On one point, national and international analyzes of research in Italy agree: despite having a high level of quality and productivity of scientific publications, we maintain a low level of technology transfer. With the result that many discoveries end up remaining inside a university or institution without finding an external outlet. To reverse the trend, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) puts in place various lines of investment.

A 1.6 billion budget for 5 innovation centers

Starting with the 1.6 billion that the Ministry of University (Mur) has just divided between 5 Innovation Centers. Five national research samples in as many fields (Simulations, calculation and analysis of high-performance data; Agritech; Development of gene therapy and drugs with RNA technology; Sustainable mobility; Biodiversity) which see the participation of 55 universities or high schools, 65 businesses and 25 public bodies. With some names, both public and private, that come back in more than one aggregation and that in doing so create, in fact, a network within the network. Think of the University of Florence which is present in the entire five financed by the Mur.

National centers with “Hub & Spoke” structure

Minister Cristina Messa herself presented the results of the Pnrr implementation announcement – which closed on February 15 and saw 5 applications for a total of 2 billion euros – during the CDM on Wednesday June 15. As we have seen, the national centers are created to aggregate universities, public and private research bodies and organizations, companies present and distributed throughout the country and are organized with a “Hub & Spoke” governance structure, with the Hub which will carry out management and coordination activities and the Spokes will carry out research activities.

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By doing so – underlined the former director of Milano Bicocca – “for the first time, in such a synergistic and national way, the public and private systems are together to create excellence and generate collective growth that shortens the distances and bridges the gaps , through the development of projects dedicated to innovative technological themes ». The declared objective is to give “space to the creativity and skills of young researchers, with particular attention to gender equality and the enhancement of resources in the South, for over 40%”. With the additional hope – Mass concluded – “of competing united and with a new determination, at the international level”.

Overall 144 subjects involved

Overall, 144 subjects are involved, including universities, research bodies and companies throughout Italy. Just read the distribution of the funds (which will arrive with the concession decrees expected in the coming days, ndr) to realize it. It ranges from National Centre for Hpc, Big Data and Quantum Computingbased in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), which was born on the initiative of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn) and brings together 49 participants for the simulation and analysis of large data at National Research Centre for Agricultural Technologies(Agritech), promoted by the Federico II University of Naples and capable of aggregating 46; by the National Center for Sustainable Mobility (CNMS) wanted by the Politecnico di Milano and able to intercept the availability of 49 different subjects at National Biodiversity Future Center (Nbfc) which will see the light in Rome on input from the CNR and with the participation of 48 realities scattered along the boot.

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