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Five-year-old girl kidnapped in Catania

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Five-year-old girl kidnapped in Catania

Two shots of Elena were released on the evening of June 13 by the Prosecutor’s Office because they were considered useful for the investigation. One is from today 13 June: the little girl is seen in a reflected image, wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of yellow shorts, while she seems to be playing serenely.

The other is from May 8th, it seems to have been taken in kindergarten, and Elena wears the top of a suit and, smiling, shows a card with the final part of the word ‘happy birthday’ at the bottom. Investigators exclude that the kidnapping is ” work of organized crime “, which historically does not want kidnappings and sensational gestures in the territory in which it operates. Nor that it is “connected to a ransom request”: the family does not have economic problems, but neither does it have sufficient availability to justify an extortionate kidnapping.

The woman lives in Mascalucia, where she filed the complaint by going to the police station.

He would have told the Arma soldiers that three people would have kidnapped her daughter and blocked her while, in the Piano hamlet of Tremestieri Etneo, they were in the car after she had taken the child to kindergarten. Investigations and searches were immediately launched in the area and extended to a wider area.

The carabinieri also acquired and viewed videos of surveillance systems in Piano Tremestieri and also in the nursery school attended by the child to find useful elements for the investigations. Investigations and surveys were carried out by military personnel of the Catania Arma del Ris also on some cars considered in some way involved in the investigations.

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