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Flights from Afghanistan to Aviano, three planes ready to leave for the Fvg: US and Italy negotiate on the humanitarian corridor

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Three planes with over 600 people are waiting to take off to the US via the region

AVIANO. Negotiations between the Italian and American governments are underway to guarantee a humanitarian corridor from Afghanistan to the United States through the use of the Aviano base.

More than six hundred people, including US military and civilian personnel and Afghan citizens fleeing the Taliban regime, are waiting to be able to take off from Kabul to Friuli Venezia Giulia and from here to continue their journey to the United States.

A thick curtain of secrecy was raised around the operation. No declaration by the Prefecture of Pordenone, in the context of a negotiation involving the two governments, Italian and American, about the rules of engagement for these flights, directed to the Pedemontana Pordenone airport.

It would be three planes, with about two hundred people on board each.

Yesterday morning the first rumors began to circulate on this humanitarian corridor, about which, understandably, given that the negotiations continue, neither from the Aviano base, the Italian and American front, nor from government sources in our country have been issued official press releases.

At mid-day on the subject, a list running for the municipal elections in Pordenone, “The common good”, was close to the center-left candidate for mayor Gianni Zanolin, according to which “if the rumor of a possible arrival was confirmed (in the next few hours ) of several hundred people fleeing Afghanistan, with a special flight to Aviano, there is an urgent need to move from solidarity “in words” to an effective, concrete one ».

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“Il Bene Comune” asked that “as in its coat of arms, Pordenone opens its doors in this situation of humanitarian emergency” and proposed “that the mayor prepare, in collaboration with every reception facility, including private ones, a plan of immediate availability in the city to offer, if necessary, accommodation, even temporary, to at least a hundred people. Similarly, we invite Alessandro Ciriani, always in agreement with the Prefecture, to exercise his role as Anci referent by coordinating his fellow mayors of the other municipalities in the area ».

Finally, the political movement “already invited citizens in the next few hours to offer the maximum of concrete solidarity to these people at serious risk for their lives” by proposing “to immediately hold a public meeting with the Afghan community that lives in Pordenone to have the maximum of information on the situation of their villages and in any case of proximity to their condition ».

However, only a technical stop should be dealt with, as long as the negotiations between the two Governments go through and as long as they do not change the cards on the table.

Until yesterday, for the three planes, the green light did not arrive. Between today and tomorrow it is expected that the situation can be unblocked and that we can know more.


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