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Floribert Anzuluni, “candidate of a new alternative for the DRC”

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Floribert Anzuluni, “candidate of a new alternative for the DRC”

Floribert Anzuluni Isiloketshi is candidate number 5 on the CENI list for the presidential election of December 20, 2023. Presenting himself as an independent, he comes from civil society. He wants to be a candidate for a new alternative for the DRC and specifies that his candidacy is “collective”.

It is the conclusion of a collective commitment of members from civil society and citizen engagement. He says he is running for the highest office because he sees that the DRC’s system of governance has not changed.


Presidential candidate Anzuluni holds a university degree in political science from the University of Montreal in Canada.

Back in the DRC, he began his career in the banking sector. But very quickly, like these professional activities, he developed a civic commitment.

In 2010, he became involved through the non-profit association National Youth Forum for Excellence (FNJE).

In 2011, after having participated with other young people from the DRC in the first summit of American President Barak Oboma Young African leaders summit in the USA, he tried to create with his peers from civil society, a network of citizen observers during elections of that same year. This initiative will ultimately not see the light of day.

It was in 2015 that he co-founded the Filimbi citizen movement. He coordinated this movement until December 2022. This organization, which will reveal itself as a pressure group, suffered repression from political power, forcing Anzuluni to go into exile.

In exile, he continued his commitment, notably participating in the creation of the Citizen Front in 2016.

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It was finally in 2020 that he returned to the country, following the alternation of political power which took place peacefully between the former President of the Republic Joseph Kabila and the new elected president, Felix Tshisekedi in 2018.

Floribert Anzuluni will co-found and manage the economic intelligence consultancy in the DRC: “NYFALM&Associees”.

Until recently, he also held the position of advisor for the DRC within the American anti-corruption organization The Sentry.

In 2023, this civil society activist participated as a member of the citizen network Po na Congo, in popular consultations called Congo Tolingi, at the end of which a social contract was established including the major priorities of citizens as well as a charter of commitments to which future leaders should subscribe.

Floribert Anzuluni is the president of the Citizen Alternative political party (AC-Congo RDC) which he participated in the creation with other actors of civil society and citizen movements.

He was designated candidate for President of the Republic by several civil society organizations during the primaries organized by a platform bringing together these different structures.

Floribert Anzuluni was born on January 5, 1983 in Kinshasa, which he left due to political instability in 1991. He grew up in Belgium where he lived from the age of 8 until the end of his secondary studies.


His vision is modeled on that of his political party. She “aims to put an end to the system of predation which is currently law in the country, by proposing alternative actors committed to the qualitative renewal of the Congolese political class”.

In candidature “embodies a new beginning for a new Congo”, he declared when submitting his candidacy.

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Follow the details of his program in this interview with Radio Okapi:


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