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Focus on science for the future: “Choosing this field makes”

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CASALE MONFERRATO. «Thanks to the Sciences and the preparation that the Sobrero Higher Institute in Casale provided me, I traveled half the world, from Taiwan to Texas, and I was confronted with students from all over the world. An electrifying experience that also opened roads for me for the future ».

The testimony comes from Chiara Figazzolo, the winner at the Science Fair in Taipei (Taiwan) when she was attending the fourth grade of the Applied Sciences high school; it provided it remotely at the meeting organized by the direction of the Fast circuit (Federation of Scientific Associations) because the Sobrero, chaired by Riccardo Rota, was chosen as the reference center in Italy. This opens many doors to children for years to come.

Because choosing the path of science can be not only satisfying, but also the right option to find work more easily, in different fields ranging from industry to food. Experts have outlined the paths of future chemists or physicists, urging students to devote themselves to these sciences also to promote the ecological transition desired by the very young.

Now Chiara Figazzolo is in the last year of her doctorate in Nucleic Acid Chemistry at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and has founded the online science magazine Piplettes. The President of the Republic has appointed her as Alfiere del Lavoro. He explained that engaging in science “pays”.

And the former student Enrico Caprioglio, winner of the I-Sweep Fair in Houston, also confirmed it. “I studied Theoretical Physics at University College London and worked at the London International Youth Science Forum for five editions,” he said. Deciding to become a scientist can open up several possibilities. This was the purpose of the meeting: to make the students understand how much this choice can become the ideal one.

There were also testimonies of Mario Marchionna, member of the Italian Chemical Society, Matteo Guidotti, who is a researcher at Cnr, and of Alberto Pieri, secretary general of Fast since 1986, who gave birth to many associations dedicated to European research and to Sobrero has illustrated the competitions promoted by Fast.


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