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Fontana: “Salvini’s leadership is not at risk. I think nothing changes for the regional teams, I will be a candidate “

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Fontana: “Salvini’s leadership is not at risk.  I think nothing changes for the regional teams, I will be a candidate “

MILAN. Matteo Salvini’s leadership in the League is “absolutely” not at risk. This was strongly reiterated by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, on the sidelines of an event at Palazzo Pirelli in Milan. The Lombard governor therefore does not feed the internal controversies of the party which, after the results collected by the Carroccio in these elections (dubbed in numbers by the allies of Fratelli d’Italia), have led several Northern League exponents to be very critical of Salvini’s leadership , also speaking of the resignation of the current leader to start a new course. To those who pointed out to him how the weight of the League has changed after the elections, Governor Fontana replies: «It has nothing to do with it. It is not that these assessments are made only on the basis of numbers. Today we will meet at the federal congress and we will do a careful analysis. Today we meet and hear from all the people who have requests to make ». The appointment is in fact this afternoon in via Bellerio, in the historic headquarters of the League, where the federal council will take place.

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At stake is not only Salvini’s leadership but also the weight that his indications could have for the game of the regional elections next spring. Especially after, even before the vote, leading Fdi personalities, such as Ignazio La Russa and Daniela Santanchè, had reiterated the need to respond to the willingness offered to the center-right by Letizia Moratti to run as a candidate. However, when asked about the possibility that her candidacy was at risk due to the new games of force within the majority, Fontana declares: «I don’t think anything has changed, I don’t think there are any news. I think I can say, as I was told individually by the representatives of the 4 coalition parties, that I will be a candidate ».

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Emanuela Minucci

The Lombard governor also intervenes on the failure to elect Umberto Bossi, calling it “bad news” and instead embracing the idea launched by Salvini of an appointment as a life senator for the senatùr: “I believe that Bossi has really changed the way of understanding the politics in Italy, helped create a number of excellent local and national administrators. Bossi is the history of this country, so he must certainly be present in one of the two branches of Parliament ». However, it is still early to talk about the new appointments for a council reshuffle, after the election in Parliament of his current councilor Fabrizio Sala: “I am very happy for him and sorry for me because it was certainly an added value for our council”.

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