Home News Food collection, here is the map of the points in the Belluno area

Food collection, here is the map of the points in the Belluno area

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The solidarity initiative returns on Saturday 27 November. Also possible to donate online

BELLUNO. The 25th national day of the food collection is back on Saturday 27 November. “The volunteers of the Food Bank have been bringing this moment to life for 25 years”, explains Giuseppe Torrente, one of the representatives of the Belluno Colletta. “Even last year, despite the pandemic, we didn’t stop. We have only changed the methods, creating a “dematerialized” collection thanks to the purchase of “cards” whose amount was then equated to alimony ». This year there is a new challenge: taking advantage of the experience of 2020, the Colletta doubles. Saturday will be the day of the collection in its original form, in front of the participating stores.

From Sunday 28 November to 5 December it will instead be possible to continue the Collection with the “card” mode or in any case with a donation that will be transformed into food in the participating stores: “For our province, the supermarkets of the Unicomm Group (Emisfero, Famila , A&O) and Mel’s Dpiù. ” Furthermore, through Amazon, it will be possible to do a virtual food shopping until 10 December.

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