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Food court employees secretly try noodles?Fat Donglai announces the processing results

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Food City in Xuchang, Henan Province Responds to Employee Noodle Tasting Incident

On February 15, social media users reported that an employee of Fatonglai Food City in Xuchang, Henan Province was caught on video squatting down to taste the noodles and stirring them in the pot without cleaning his chopsticks.

The incident caused a public outcry, prompting Fatonglai to issue a statement on February 16 regarding the situation. According to the statement, the employee in the video was preparing the day’s employee meal at the hot pot island operation station. He was seen removing the noodles from the bucket, tasting them, and then using the same chopsticks to stir the noodles in the pot without changing them.

In response to the incident, Fat Donglai announced the following consequences:
– Terminating the labor contract of the employee involved
– Demoting relevant supervisors by one level for three months
– Closing the hot pot stalls due to insufficient management and professional capabilities

The company also expressed gratitude to the customer who brought the issue to their attention and announced a suggestion award for the customer.

Fat Donglai’s statement emphasized that the employee’s actions were a serious food processing safety accident and that they are taking necessary measures to address the situation.

The incident has raised concerns about food safety and hygiene within the establishment, leading to the closure of the hot pot stalls until further notice.

Customers are urged to remain vigilant and report any similar incidents to ensure the safety and quality of food at Fatonglai Food City.

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