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Football commentator Eddy Snelders arrested after complaint of exhibitionism

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Football commentator Eddy Snelders (64) was arrested last Saturday on suspicion of sexual offences, after a complaint of exhibitionism from a neighbor. His lawyer confirms this. Snelders spent a night in jail.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 6:13 PM

A neighbor who lives near Eddy Snelders’ Ressimmo business office in Brasschaat recently went to the police. Since 2022, Snelders is said to have repeatedly satisfied himself and shown himself naked in front of the window of the office building. The woman allegedly spoke to Snelders about this. Yet the situation would have continued to occur. There are 40 incidents.

After the complaint, Snelders had to report to the Brasschaat police last Saturday. The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office confirms that Eddy Snelders was interrogated last weekend in the context of an ongoing investigation into sexual offences. After interrogation, Snelders had to spend the night in jail.

“The person was brought before the investigating judge on Sunday,” said Lieselotte Claessens, spokeswoman for the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office. “The investigating judge has released the suspect under conditions. We will not communicate further about the content of the ongoing investigation.”


Eddy Snelders refers our editors to his lawyer for more explanation.

“I can confirm that my client was interrogated this weekend about facts that allegedly occurred some time ago in private rooms,” said his lawyer Sanne De Clerck. “My client has fully cooperated with the investigation.”

According to various sources, Snelders has made confessions. “My client wants to fully focus on recovery and is now receiving professional psychological guidance,” says lawyer De Clerck.

The victim also told the police that she confronted Snelders about his behavior. Partly because her minor daughter witnessed his behavior during the summer months. During such a conversation, Snelders allegedly started touching his hands.

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Career at VRT

“The facts of sexual assault are strongly disputed,” says lawyer De Clerck. “My client was not charged with this either. At no time were minors targeted. Mr Snelders has every confidence in the work of the police and the judiciary. He will refrain from making any further comments so that the investigation can proceed in complete serenity.”

Eddy Snelders is a football commentator at VRT. “Eddy Snelders works as a freelancer,” says VRT spokesperson Bob Vermeir. “If the facts were true, it is clear that we can no longer rely on him under these circumstances.”

Telenet suspends Eddy Snelders

Telenet suspends football commentator Eddy Snelders from Play Sports until further notice. “We have taken note of the suspicion of sexual offenses by Mr Snelders and are shocked by this,” the company said. “We are suspending Mr Snelders until there is more clarity about the results of the judicial investigation.”

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