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“For Alexandria” alongside Cuttica with a strong feminine connotation

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ALEXANDRIA. The Citadel is represented in the logo. The civic movement “Per Alessandria”, already present in the council and in the City Council, is preparing for the elections of 2022, both by proposing new objectives for the future of the city and with the intention of resuming dialogue with the tired electorate and with a pessimistic vision of politics and the administrative machinery, trying to bring it back to the vote.

It will be a movement with a strong female connotation, as the councilor Silvia Straneo and the city councilor Elisabetta Onetti underlined, at the presentation at the headquarters in via Piacenza, at number 53, which will be officially inaugurated on Saturday. Straneo explained: «Here we will welcome all the citizens who want to support us in the project. Ours will be a laboratory of ideas, we promise the seriousness, transparency, energy and professionalism we have shown so far ».

“It will be a civic movement in which women will play an important role with a significant female presence – underlined the commissioner -. This is our connotation that will have specific programmatic points aimed at the female world. From an analysis that we have done on the social fabric, women and the problems related to them still have little attention ».

«For Alessandria» looks to the future, as Straneo explained, who said: «It is not an improvised movement, we will give a new and even stronger impetus. Alexandria does not deserve the label of negativity that is often given to it, because it has enormous opportunities ». For the elections, the commissioner added that “the movement is located within the center-right and alongside the mayor Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco. But we will be a step behind the traditional parties, we turn to civil society that wants to make a contribution within the administrative machine ». But they are not yet unbalancing on the candidacies for next year.

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To testify the closeness and contact with citizenship, is also the motion filed in the Council by Elisabetta Onetti, in which the administration is asked for a regulation of the territorial representatives to give a voice to the representatives of the third sector. “Our request also wants to speed up and make more accessible access for citizens who want to interact with the Municipality, in a less articulated and bureaucratic way but much simpler,” explained the councilor.

Silvia Straneo and Elisabetta Onetti both come from the experience with the SiAmo Alessandria list of councilor Giovanni Barosini, who will not be with them and who declined to comment.

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