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For slander, Alfonso Parada denounces Benedetti

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For slander, Alfonso Parada denounces Benedetti

Alfonso Prada, former Minister of the Interior, is one of the names mentioned in the scandal between Armando Benedetti and Laura Sarabia. According to the controversial audios, the former ambassador accuses Prada of having “robbed the Ministry with the woman.”

Despite the fact that Benedetti affirmed that the audios had been manipulated, several people, including members and former members of the Petro Government, demanded answers. Among them is the former Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, who announced on Monday that he had filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against the former ambassador.

In this sense, Prada stated on his twitter account that always acted with total transparency and that he devoted all his efforts “so that there was no room for corruption.”

The former portfolio manager told La W that, “what refers to us is a generic phrase without additional comment and without any specific indication nor any evidence to answer directly. It comes amidst a complete alteration of behavior and many statements of hate and resentment. That is why we believe that the right thing to do is to denounce him and for the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate what he means by that, what is the scope of his statement.

Likewise, the complaint filed by Prada reads the following: “The statements made by Benedetti Villaneda and which came to light in the media are totally and absolutely false, Proof of this is the very strong reason that Hernando Alfonso Prada Gil, during his tenure at the Ministry of the Interior, was not an expense manager, did not perform any act as an expense manager, much less indicated or suggested to officials that they did have that function absolutely nothing that had to do with the hiring or expenses of the Ministry. Even more serious in the case of Adriana María Barragán López, who had no connection with the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, the mendacious statement of the defendant objectively and subjectively constitutes the crime of slander.”

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