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For Valentine’s Day, nearly 50 thousand tons of Colombian flowers have been exported – news

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For Valentine’s Day, nearly 50 thousand tons of Colombian flowers have been exported – news

In the world, on Valentine’s Day the protagonists are the flowers: roses, pompoms, chrysanthemums, carnations, exotic varieties, as well as bouquets.

In the cargo area of ​​the El Dorado international airport, officials from the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) explained to the media the progress and logistical and phytosanitary processes for the export of Colombian flowers, within the framework of the Petal Plan.

This plan is part of a strategy established between the Ministry of Agriculture, ICA, Asocolflores, Dian, National Police and other public-private entities, to attend to the delivery of flowers for the celebration of Valentine’s Day, to destinations such as the United States, Australia and England.

At this meeting, a tour was taken of the ICA Export Phytosanitary Inspection Laboratory, where the work carried out by the Institute to prevent the entry of quarantine pests was explained, in accordance with trade agreements with importing countries.

For export, an inspection must be carried out on a representative sample of the shipment, to verify its phytosanitary condition. In this way, the phytosanitary export certificate is generated, which guarantees the importing country that the flowers meet the requirements established for entry.

«Flower exports during Valentine’s Day represent 15% of the year’s total exports; This is why it is essential to continue working together with Colombian flower growers and the different agents in the sector, to generate products that continue to leave Colombia’s name high,” explained Juan Fernando Roa, general manager of the ICA.

By 2024, the ICA has issued around 20,000 certifications for pompoms and chrysanthemums destined for the United States and has certified 14,921 shipments of cut flowers destined for 81 countries.

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Likewise, for Valentine’s Day, nearly 50 thousand tons of flowers have been exported, mainly going to the United States.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day or simply Valentine, is a holiday of Catholic origin that is celebrated annually on February 14 as a commemoration of the good works carried out by Saint Valentine of Rome, related to the universal concept of love and affection.

Valentine, opposed to the emperor’s decree, began to secretly celebrate marriages for young people, which is why it became popular that Saint Valentine was the patron saint of lovers. According to historians, when Claudius II found out, he sentenced Saint Valentine to death on February 14, 270, alleging disobedience and rebellion.

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