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Form for the special sales tax audit (BMF)

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Form for the special sales tax audit (BMF)

Online message – Wednesday, April 24, 2024

procedural law | Form for the special sales tax audit (BMF)

The BMF has updated the federal form for the special sales tax audit – form template USt 7 A (BMF, letter dated April 22, 2024 – III C 5 – S 7420-a/21/10001:001).

The updated form template must be applied no later than the publication of this letter in the Federal Tax Gazette Part I. The form must be created on the basis of the unchanged form template.

The following deviations are permitted:

When using IT programs, the form can be issued in a shortened form by, in individual cases, only printing out the parts of the form relevant to the examination.

Deviations from the form can be made if this is necessary for organizational or technical reasons.

A notice:

The letter with the form template is on the
BMF homepage published.

Those: BMF online (il)


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